The credit of $4 billion to Naftogaz will be organized by the company close to Putin?

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Yulia Timoshenko forces "Naftogaz of Ukraine" to take the credit in a size of 4 billion dollars from the companies close to Vladimir Putin. About it writes"Economic truth"with reference to the draft of the relevant contract prepared in Moscow which got to the edition order.

"Naftogaz of Ukraine" is put today in conditions when will be compelled to take the credit as fractions of Party of Regions and BYuT actually blocked work of the Verkhovna Rada on Friday, and the parliament couldn't include a question of increase in an authorized capital of NAK in the agenda, reminds the edition.

To organize financing, according to the contract, the Russian investment company "Troika Dialog" which is considered close to the Russian government has to, and terms of the contract are made in such a way that the most part of means has to be attracted from the Russian banks.

For work on the credit organization "Troika Dialog" will receive the commission in 1,25% of the sum of a loan and compensation of any expenses (including and various taxes) which will be documentary issued. Also Naftogaz has to assume payment of any advisers whom will count necessary to involve in process "Troika Dialog", and the amount of such payment isn't regulated at all. In addition to it "Troika Dialog" wants to provide to Naftogaz of service in the credit organization only on the terms of an exclusivity. Having signed the agreement with the company approached to Putin, Naftogaz itself will lose the right "without written consent ("Troika Dialog") to hold any negotiations and/or to employ any other consultants, advisers, managers, coordinators... " Also Naftogaz won't have opportunity without consent of the Russian company to issue the securities connected with questions of attraction of the credit, or to direct such papers.

According to information of sources "Economic truth", signing of the contract is dated for July 7 when passes the penal of payment by "Naftogaz of Ukraine" for the gas got in June.

The sum of the credit which makes 4 billion dollars, according to the European commission is overestimated, writes the edition as, according to the estimates of EK for purchase of gas 2 billions will suffice. However, it will be a question of four. Also the contract provides the organization of the urgent credit of 1,5 billion dollars which will be extinguished after receipt of fixed assets.

According to sources of the Economic truth, only the part of this sum will be immediately directed on preparation for a heating season. Where other means - unclear will go.


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