Inhabitants of the Nikolaev area began to address less in authorities. But to local officials and now trust more, than Kiev

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Inhabitants of the Nikolaev area began to ask less for the help in authorities.

The work department with addresses of citizens of the office of the regional state administration (YEAH) counted that this year, in comparison with the similar period of the past, the number of addresses of citizens decreased with 1747 to 1544.

Personal and exit receptions of citizens the regional state administration were visited by 266 people. The number of written addresses decreased with 1437 to 1278.

Nevertheless, inhabitants of area prefer to address in the regional state administration - number of addresses to the President and the Prime minister - to the minister concedes to number of addresses in YEAH.

Pensioners, disabled veterans, large families, lonely mothers, veterans of war and work, workers, peasants, businessmen and the unemployed write to local authorities generally.

Most often people address with questions of municipal services - 16% (for the same period last year - 11), about social protection - 19% (20% - last year). Housing questions make 14% (16% last year), health care - 9% (as much last year). 11% of addresses concerned providing free medical aid, providing with drugs, providing medical aid to children.

Among instances of the highest level most of all the addresses of citizens are sent to the regional state administration from the Secretariat of the President of Ukraine, the Cabinet of Ukraine and the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

The number of addresses of inhabitants of rural regions of area which arrived from the Secretariat of the President of Ukraine on consideration in the regional state administration, decreased with 404 to 298. The similar situation is observed with reduction of addresses of citizens of area in the Cabinet of Ukraine with 383 to 167. And here in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine the number of addresses increased with 42 to 51.

In the regional state administration "telephone hotline" works: 37-03- 30 and 37-02 - 67. Works from 7.00 till 12.00 and from 13.00 till 19.00 every day (except days off and holidays).

Also at the regional state administration "The mailbox of the head of the regional state administration" for providing the effective help to the area population in the solution of urgent problems continues work.


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