Yushchenko: Changes in the law on elections - are dangerous to democracy

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PresidentVictor Yushchenkodeclares that changes in the law on the presidential elections, accepted by the Verkhovna Rada in the first reading, are dangerous to democracy and transparent elections.

He declared it in interview to journalists in Exactly, reports a press - service of the president.

"The bill in this context is dangerous to democracy in Ukraine. In my opinion, it rejects us for 3-4 years ago and does president more closed an election system", - Yushchenko told.

On belief of the president, this law, as well as the law vetoed by it on a national referendum, "makes serious attack on democratic, in particular political processes in Ukraine".

Speaking about danger of acceptance of offered edition of the law on presidential elections, Yushchenko, in particular, noted the principle of formation of election commissions where preference have the political forces presented in parliament.

It reminded that "it is a question of national election of the president - and at all of any party projects".

"Obviously, the party principle of formation of the commissions on presidential elections is already tendentious and it means that two political parties continue the game, work on how even - presidential elections - to make a nonparty task party", - Yushchenko declared.

One more remark to the bill the president called the order of the judicial appeal provided in it at all stages of elections.

On his belief, the positions recorded in the bill on this question don't correspond to the current legislation.

Yushchenko also noted that "doesn't increase democratic character of electoral process" lack of opportunity at this or that candidate to appeal against the decision on removal it from pre-election race.

Also, in his opinion, cause questions the thesis that disputes on process and results of elections have to go for consideration of one court.

"Why the judicial field is narrowed? Why law-enforcement activity becomes limited and in fact gets signs of the political direction? This wrong decision therefore it is impossible to consider that this law increases transparency and democratic character of presidential elections", - Yushchenko told.

"I insist on one: the law on elections, as well as the law on a referendum, have to provide democratic progresses of the country, accurate implementation of the Constitution and laws - on the one hand, with another - introduction of democratic procedures, instead of withdrawal from them and formation through a prism of views of two political forces of the procedure of elections and a referendum, the statement of their results, etc. It most of all excites me in these two bills", - he added.

According to the president, in bills "strong tendentious approach of two political parties" is observed. "It is documents - under two political forces", - he considers.


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