In presidential elections вбухают it is more than money, than in the last parliamentary?

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Experts consider that reduction of terms of carrying out presidential election campaign won't lead to economy of means.

As the correspondent of the UNIAN reports, they declared it today on a press - conferences in Kiev.

In particular, the expert of Institute of foreign policy of Diplomatic academy of Ukraine Alexander PALY noted that, in fact, presidential election campaign already started. It predicts that during this campaign will spend large sums.

"As candidates for president consider a victory question on elections as the last fight, very large sums will be spent for this fight, probably, big, than it was before crisis during carrying out the previous parliamentary election campaigns in 2006 and in 2007", - he told.

"Budgets go for a long time, "джинса" for a long time goes, custom-made materials go for a long time", - added A.PALIY.

The chairman of Committee of voters of Ukraine Alexander CHERNENKO also considers that reduction of terms of election campaign will be not led to economy of means as means are spent for a long time, and by campaign - the fact goes. "It, most likely, such populist piece", - he told.

A.ChERNENKO called a nonsense of the statement of politicians who go on elections, that campaign will be dirty. "Politicians speak, let's reduce campaign, our country won't sustain it, to voters it will be even heavier, actually on politicians depends what will be election campaign. When they say that campaign will be dirty, people will deceive, and it is declared by those politicians who go on elections, there is a certain nonsense", - he told.

A.ChERNENKO also noted that reduction of terms of election campaign also will be reflected in terms of work of election commissions which have to make a lot of work. "It will be reflected in quality of elections", - he added.

In turn, the director of Agency of modeling of situations Vitali BALA also expressed opinion that reduction of term of election campaign will have "a big minus". According to him, still voters didn't see anything constructive at one of political forces, and in a short time it will be rather heavy to inform to voters any new idea or the program of development of the country.On his belief, will build more simply election campaign on деструктиве.

He also noted that political parties sit on "a donor needle of oligarchical forces". "The sympathies as big business will need to agree with future winner" will try to decompose these oligarchical forces just in case in different baskets, - he told.

The president of the Center of the social researches "Sofia" Andrey YERMOLAEV considers that technical candidates at presidential election still aren't present. "Technical candidates will appear in September. Now all staffs wait for the decision on model of election campaign. Technical appears when it becomes clear where, on what fields it is possible to play: at the level of the organization of process, election commission, specifics of promotional campaign", - he told.

As reported the UNIAN, on July 1 the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted in the first reading the bill of changes to some acts concerning an election of the president of Ukraine which provides, in particular, reduction of term of carrying out presidential campaign from 120 to 90 days.

The chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Vladimir LITVIN intends to suggest to provide the separate law reduction of terms of presidential election campaign as predicts the veto of the head of state on changes to the Law "About an Election of the President of Ukraine", in case of their acceptance.

V. Litvin prepared the necessary bill by which reduction of term of election campaign from 120 to 90 days is provided.


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