Chernovetsky's gold "Pokemon" will save the country?

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Pokemons - fictional beings, heroes of computer games and animations who are trained usually for mutual battles by trainers of Pokemons. Pokemons are capable to evolution, and even to regeneration in absolutely new state. Expressing emotions, make the same sounds with different intonation. They are capable to full communication and can understand each other, don't experience to each other hostility, and only obediently execute orders of the trainer.


The dentist - the Financier - the Lawyer

"This year white color is fashionable, the abundance of chrome is absolutely not fashionable, rather a dullness prevails. Reverse understating is fashionable. And completely any decor of a car, Bol of that the last tendency departed: absence even locks and handles on doors …"

From Alexander Pabat's interview

Only it isn't necessary to think that I will dare to condemn the guy who understood once that the stomatology and medical institute is not its path, got over in Finance and Credit bank, in parallel graduating at first from the National economic university, and then faculty of law of the Kiev University. I assure, jaws of inhabitants of Kiev from it only won. Perhaps, inhabitants of Kiev also put them sometimes on the shelf, but they at least, are healthy. You can present, what would be with our teeth if they were treated by the guy who is round the clock riding Mazeratti?

Equally, as well as I don't consider as Alexander Pabat's fault his decent origin. Sasha's father - Victor Pabat who was the deputy minister of agrarian and industrial complex in 90-е years, the second time became the deputy of the minister of agrarian and industrial complex already at the President Yushchenko. Him consider as the person with decent communications in agrarian business and money. We practically didn't find criticism in newspapers on the native father of "Pokemon". So the father isn't responsible for the son.The father asked then the head of capital PRP Vladimir Bondarenko to attach Sasha in politicians. The People's Deputy of Ukraine Vladimir Bondarenko any more doesn't like to remember the protege, as any chief it is a shame to them to recognize the personnel mistakes. However, Vladimir Bondarenko will be rehabilitated with that as soon as Sasha under the sensitive guide of the trainer Chernovetsky began to be put to Kiev земельке, itself нардеп Bondarenko made very sharp convicting statement to the former subordinate. But the earth and people were then. At first Sasha wasn't "Pokemon", it was honest PRP - an ist.

Alexander Viktorovich's biographers on - to a miscellaneous describe wonderful transformation of the capable and perspective politician - the oppositionist in the politician - "Pokemon". That is the politician who, having as though the fraction in Kiyevsoveta, serves the chief, the trainer, votes as it is necessary to the trainer, protecting where it is necessary the trainer. Receiving all benefits which are received by the right service staff, all team of "Pokemons".

In 2004 during Orange revolution around the city drove cars with Yushchenko's symbolics.The press writesthat "having two sports models - MASERATI Spider and SUBARU Impreza, Alexander Pabat initiated creation of public organization "Stritreysing". And cars of public organization "Stritreysing" also arranged races in the capital.

Yes, and so precisely it isn't told, at what stage fathers the cities controlling the largest holdings: "Bread of Kiev" both Kiyevenergoholding Ivanov and Khmelnytsky understood that it is possible to trade in Sasha's attractive face profitably. But already on elections in Kiyevsovet of 2006 all trees and entrances were covered with SAC advertizing. So nazyvamy Civil asset of Kiev created by Pabat. Documentary confirmation of communication of Ivanov and Pabat doesn't exist, equally as there is no communication confirmation Chernovetsky - Ivanov, Khmelnytsky. Politicians, and employees of the device, both the official Kiev administration, and oppositionists speak about it. But the fact remains: having got to Kiyevsovet, the Civil Asset of Kiev became part of the majority of the mayor and the faithful defender, the performer of decisions of Chernovetsky.

Monomove cap for the Pokemon …

I something like Alexander Pabat. It such fashionable and direct. It almost doesn't hide the prosperities and easily gives interview.It, for example,likes to tell, as in heavy 90-е when parents remained without work, he had to promote from the loader to the head of the advertizing department and construction. But it is well-known that during this period his father already worked as the deputy minister of agrarian and industrial complex, and itselfSasha got overfrom one prestigious higher education institution in another. Really the father of the deputy minister wouldn't help the son - the student of faculty of law харчами? But it is trifles. The main thing - invaluable experience of "Pokemon" Sasha on a post of the deputy Kiyevsovet. Certainly, he with team became the member of the majority of Chernovetsky in Kiyevosoveta and earned the reward. "First of all, first of all, highways …", - were solved by Sasha. Also I took away for the automobile organization of the Street racing (it was one of founders of SAC) the earth under car center construction. Thirty and a half "pokemonovskikh" of hectares on Pukhovskaya Street promised to become kartodromy, "a straight line or even a ring highway". Staff of Institute of the city provided to the UNIAN the investigation concerning destiny and procedural subtleties of assignment of the mentioned site. The car center there didn't start being under construction. It is curious that, having received the earth in December, 2006, Sasha said that in construction of car center it is necessary to enclose seven million dollars which in three years will pay off. In a year the cost of the project was estimated at hundred million euros. And on columns announcements of sale of this site already hung. To the staff who have called by phone of Institute of the city called the price in hundred million dollars for all site. (There are about 33 thousand dollars for a hundred part). Mighty well SAC worked.

If to hammer into archival base УНИАНа the word SAC, we will receive a full picture of activity of team of "Pokemons". They actively work, in December, 2007 change one "wrong" builder of capital housing, suggesting to take away from it nearly 150 hectares of the earth, on other "correct". They reject the decision of capital opposition on earth allocation in Kiev only on the basis of auctions, declaring that came to Kiyevsovet not in megaphones to shout. Referenda about Chernovetsky's trust calls "toys", the subject of the imperative mandate - public relations, indirectly is supported by Chernovetsky's decisions on increase of tariffs and are going to submit the claim to the Supreme administrative court when the Verkhovna Rada appointed early elections in Kiyevsovet. Pabat on the left and to the right rejects charges of the opaque section of the earth, and votes - votes for new land allocations. It is heavy, mandatory business.

We will be rescued by the most fashionable Pokemon …

"Tuning of such car will manage a minimum in one more cost of the car … One of actively developing the directions of tuning is a phantom - тюниг when appearance of the car doesn't change, and the motor and salon completely перекомплектовываются. Very much fashionably ideal type of a motor compartment. Also it is desirable to chromeplate some parts".

From Alexander Pabat's interview

At any moment to Alexander Viktorovich it became close in old, stinking of modest budgetary prosperities, Kiyevrada's walls.

Big "Pokemon" needed big All-Ukrainian swimming. And he began to create salvation army of the country and the plan of rescue of the country. The plan of rescue of the country for his plan had to be formed, as in due time the first five of SAC, at requests of workers. In eyes I didn't see the plan, but interviews and Pabat's program demands look same smooth and streamline, as tendencies of fashionable automobile design. Alexander Viktorovich made large All-Ukrainian round with presentation of the political force and the plan. I walked on regional sites. Also I saw that very coldly there met "Pokemon". Journalists of Dnepropetrovsk, Kirovograd, Nikolaev and Kherson write that three tens activists came to its meetings, as a rule, pensioners that all salvation army of "Pokemon" holds in one minibus. And listing, cars of vehicle fleet of Pabat: Morgan Aero8, Maserati Spider, Subaru Impreza, ask a question: why the fellow with such vehicle fleet went in rebels? Ask to itself a question: "And what the SBU thinks? " And answer: probably, the SBU thinks that to take it early. Angry journalists. But clever. (Dnepropetrovsk,Kirovograd,Nikolaev,Kherson. )

Sometimes reading news of tabloids, I as an institutka, itself I am enraptured with the "Pokemon" taking the fourth placein the list of the Ukrainian metrosexuals.

Yes, joker! Yes, dandy! Shows the frivolity considerably surpassing sloppiness of the average Ukrainian politician. But what sincerity! Ask about cars - everything will tell. Ask about tattoos - too everything will tell, instead of will press close that in the man the main thing - soul, brains, creative abilities. In Pokemons everything has to be fine:both person, and clothes, and car, and tattoo … Yes, so about tattoos …

It appears,it made the first tattoo in 1998 in honor of engagement with the wife. This is a phoenix - the bird bringing good luck. "I made it on the left podreberye, 15 by 20 cm in size, with addition of many flowers. I chose a phoenix from - that is the bird rising from the ashes, she on fire doesn't burn, in water doesn't sink, and in my life many times such was that I made a fresh start. I dated the second tattoo for the wedding. In 2001 on the right mezhreberye there was a repetition of a classical pattern which was embroidered by brides of Poltavshchina on bench hammers. In a tattoo are used only black, red and yellow colors, the size it 10 by 10 cm. There the name of my wife is entered. I still dream of the third tattoo which would symbolize children. Probably, it will be a sitting lion on a tiger skin on whom the mask of a monkey is put on. My second son was born in year of a boar, zodiac sign - scales, here is how to symbolize him, we yet don't know. We at first will invent, and then we will make".

Together with Alexander Pabat the tattoo was made also by his wife, it chose a tattoo in the form of a humming-bird and the same bird - the phoenix, only is less than a size.

When I can communicate with it, I will surely ask it two questions. The first: who told it, what it can save the country? And the second: who now his trainer? He will tell the truth - I trust. And to truthful people, that is Pokemons, it is possible to charge the country. But activity of Pokemons and their flashing on our screens bears which - what threats. These beings with sparkling eyes laid on hospital beds of one hundred American and Japanese kids with the diagnosis a nervous breakdown or an epileptic seizure.

They say that Alexander Pabat often asks the voters to look to him in eyes. Personally I in them didn't look. But, looking in them on its photo, I read in them only three syllables "on - ке - Maun".

Masha Mishchenko


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