Olesik Dovgy under the screen of night provided Kivalov's daughter with situation

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The Kiev city council appointed members of the qualification commission of judges of administrative courts Tatyana Kivalova and Miron Kurilich.

I made the decision on Kiyevsovet's their appointment at session on July 9.

33- summer Kivalova is the adviser to the mayor of Kiev Leonid Chernovetsky and the daughter of the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada from Party of Regions Sergey Kivalov, and 29 - summer Kurilich - Kiyevsovet's deputy from Chernovetsky's block and the director of the lawyer company "Kurilich and Yasenevsky".

Kiyevsovet's deputies accepted the decision on Kurilich and Kivalova's appointment after long disputes around 22:00, and disputes arose from - for Kivalova's candidates.

Its candidate was submitted for Kiyevsovet's consideration by his secretary, the deputy mayor of Kiev Oles Dovgy.

Before vote the chairman of the commission of Kiyevsovet on a law and order, the regulations and deputy ethics Vitaly Pavlik reported that else in October, 2008 the commission decided to recommend to appoint members of the qualification commission of judges only Kiyevsovet's deputies.

On this basis Kiyevsovet's deputies submitted own candidates for consideration of the procedural commission: from Vitaly Klitschko's block - Valeria Karpuntsova, from Chernovetsky's block - Pavel Grechkovsky and Kurilich, from Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc - Yury Dmitruk and Sergey Kozyrya, from the Civil Asset of Kiev block - Dmitry Kazakov, from Nikolay Katerinchuk's block - Alexey Reznikov, and Kiyevsovet's legal department brought the candidate of the deputy chairman of Kiev municipal administration Bronislav Stychinsky.

The procedural commission, according to Pavlik, supported Kurilich's nomination as it already worked in the qualification commission, and Kivalova's candidate - rejected, having recommended to Kiyevsovet to define the second member from the nominated deputies.

After the report Pavlika Dovgy raised a question of appointment as members of the qualification commission of Kurilich and Kivalova on vote, having promised that if the candidate of the last won't pass, will put the subsequent candidates of deputies on vote.

67 deputies voted for the decision on Kivalova and Kurilich's appointment at necessary 61 in this connection need to vote for other candidates disappeared.

After appointment of these people many deputies started congratulating each other on successful vote.

According to the law "About Judicial System of Ukraine", the qualification commissions of judges consist of 11 members, 2-x from which appoints regional or Kiyevsovet on a commission location.

Term of office of members of the qualification commissions - 3 years from the moment of their creation.

The main objectives of the qualification commissions of judges is ensuring formation of the case of professional judges with a way of selection and the recommendation of candidates at a position of judges.

The qualification commissions also consider questions of a disciplinary responsibility of judges.


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