In the Nikolaev area on the budgetary form of education accept only four universities, but also those is by new rules

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The Ministry of Education published a state order for bachelors. InNikolaev area1848 entrants can arrive on the budgetary form of education only. And only in four HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS - Sukhomlinsky's university, university of the admiral Makarov, the Black Sea university ("Mogilyank") and May Day polytechnical institute.

Moreover, ministerIvan Vakarchukthis year I entered the new principles of formation of the state order:

* the state order is distributed according to a profile of each university and is concentrated in leading HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS where highly skilled professors and teachers work, scientific researches are conducted. So, from now on the state doesn't pay for training of philologists in polyequipment or lawyers in a teachers training university and actively renders assistance to return to universities of functions inherent in them;

* the state order isn't provided to educational institutions on those directions of training of bachelors where last year the state order made less, than 15 places. The exception is made for document science, museum business, bibliology, art specialties.

At the same time, on all licensed specialties HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS can accept on paid form of education.

Nikolaev state university of a name of V. A. Sukhomlinskycan accept on training of 640 students on the state budgetary basis in such directions: pedagogical education, physical culture and sport, art, the humanities, socially - the political sciences, natural sciences, physics - mathematical sciences, system sciences and cybernetics.

Natsionalny university of shipbuilding of a name of the admiral Makarovcan accept "state employees" on the following directions:physical culture and sport, art, economy and business, management and the administration, natural sciences, informatics and computer facilities, automatic equipment and management, metallurgy and materials science, mechanical engineering and metal working, power and power mechanical engineering, electrical equipment and electromecanics, electronics, metrology, measuring equipment also is information - measuring technologies, aviation and is rocket - space equipment, sea equipment, information security.

May Day polytechnical institute of National university of shipbuildinghas opportunity at the expense of the state to train students in the Mechanical Engineering and Metal Working direction.

Black Sea state university of a name of Pyotr Mogilaaccepts on training of "state employees" in the directions: the humanities, socially - political sciences, the international relations, the right, economy and the business, natural sciences, informatics and computer facilities, metrology, measuring equipment also it is information - measuring technologies, social security.

By quantity of provided budgetary places the shipbuilding university - 660 places on day form of education and 60 - on correspondence is in the lead.

Least of all budgetary places has May Day HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION - 30 and 18 respectively.

The Ministry of Education didn't place information on existence of the budgetary places inNikolaev state agrarian university. But on the official site of this HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION is the list of specialties, training on which finances the state.

In the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine the hot line works from June 25 to August 14. According to number (044) 486-28-49 entrants can complain of work of inspections or consult on problem questions.


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