Nikolaev Byutovtsa sound alarm and ask the chief of the Department of Internal Affairs to deal with illegal production of sand

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The problem with illegal mining "came" and to the city of Nikolaev. If earlier, with enviable frequency there were the scandals connected with the organization of work of illegal pits on production of sand in the territory of the Nikolaev area, now getters of minerals, in the dense came nearer to line of the regional center. And some already also crossed it.

In this occasion to sound alarm there began deputies of the Nikolaev city council from BYuT.

So, the deputy head of BYuT fraction in Nikolaevsk A. Kurchenko's city council wrote the address to the chief of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area Vladimir Uvarov in which asks to pay attention to this problem.

We provide to your attention the text of this address.

To comment on a situation we also asked the deputy Nikolaev city for suggestions, the chairman of the constant commission on questions of architecture, construction and regulation of the land relations Vadim Merikov.

According to V. Merikov, it is impossible to close eyes to this problem in any way. According to him, within the city more than ten points where illegally extract minerals now is.

"It is impossible to call these places pits, as any documents at those people who are engaged in this "excavation", no. They, simply, rob a city community", - the deputy considers.

According to him, not only that the enormous financial damage, so also a loss is caused to environment which is very difficult for estimating.

"We have to cares of in what city there will live our children.On fight against these "black getters" minerals have to become all - a depuy corps, militia, prosecutor's office … I want to urge all competent authorities to combine efforts and to affect current situation. In turn, I am sure that deputies of city council won't stand aside and will support the BYuT fraction initiative", - Vadim Merikov declared.


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