The chief militiaman of area "covered" "sandbox" in Matveevke

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At a today's briefing concerning counteraction to the crimes connected with plundering of budget money, the chief of REGIONAL REGIONAL DEPARTMENT OF THE MINISTRY OF INTERNAL AFFAIRS militia colonel Vladimir Uvarov reported about a situation with illegal production of sand in a sandy pit in the Matveevsky wood.

- Today I gave three days to the chief of the Central regional department to resolve this situation. - If in three days there still someone is, the chief of regional department will lose a position. By the way, when I went today on a briefing, from Matveevka evacuated already two cars.

We will remind that deputies from BYuT fraction in Nikolaevsk the City Council addressed to the chief of Regional Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Nikolaev area with the letter. They claimed that substantial damages as to the state, and territorial society of Nikolaev puts illegal use of lands for sand production.

Such fact is recorded in the movement direction at departure from the city on the right side on the route Nikolaev - Kiev, near turn on page of Zaychevskoye, on the way of North - east round Nikolaev. And, production has signs industrial, as on an event place available excavators, large-size tractors and trucks for export of the extracted sand.

Noted type of economic activity according to the current legislation is subject to licensing and obtaining the corresponding special permission to using a subsoil. And during the period since 2008 of permission are given by the relevant ministry only through auction procedure.

Therefore, any production of natural resources without registration and coordination of necessary documents - is illegal and can carry crime signs.

The guilty will be attracted to responsibility, and "The Nikolaev messages" will inform you on completion of business and whether there will be on the positions the chief of the Central District Department of Internal Affairs.

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