Officials already threaten advertisers from - for politicians

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Operators of outdoor advertizing started receiving oral threats or a ban on placement of political advertizing from officials.

It is declared by the head of coordination council of Association of outdoor advertizing Artem Bidenko.

"July became the actual beginning of presidential election campaign in Ukraine. With a mass exit to external carriers of such politicians as Yatsenyuk, Gritsenko, Tarasyuka, Tigipko in Association began to arrive disturbing messages from country regions", - he noted, reports a press - Association service.

According to Bidenko, in a number of areas "operators started receiving from officials oral threats or a ban on placements or, on the contrary, requirements of free placement of this or that politician".

Members of Association also state the raised agiotage and interest to political advertizing.

"Otsenochno in October of policy will be taken away by nearly 30% of all outdoor advertizing of Ukraine, and the increase in quotas will conduct only to falling of quality of programs", - Bidenko noted.


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