From Yushchenko's giving at Lozinsky will select hunting grounds?

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The Prosecutor General's Office directed an appeal to the court about recognition invalid transactions about acquisition ex-the deputy from BYuTVictor Lozinskyhunting grounds in the Kirovograd area.

At a briefing on Monday I declared a press it - Yushchenko's secretaryIrina Vannikova, reports a press - service of the president.

According to her, Yushchenko notes need of end of a question of illegality of acquisition for the Kirovograd area of hunting grounds Lozinsky.

Besides, the president considers that BYuT helped Lozinsky to leave from punishment for commission of crime.

"... The political force which delegated Lozinsky to parliament, - Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc, made everything that he managed, at least for today, to disappear from justice", - Vannikova told.

According to the president, the fact eloquently testifies to a true position of BYuT in the matter of Lozinsky "" lack of representation of Cabinet of Ministers on dismissal from posts of the head of the Kirovograd regional state administration Motsny and the head of the Golovanevsky district state administration Kryzhanovsky, "which couldn't provide a law and order in the territory entrusted to them and protect the rights of citizens".

Vannikova also noted that Yushchenko is concerned by retraining of this business for the chief of regional department of militia Kovalsky from the article "partnership in murder" on the article "abuse of official position".


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