The chief of the Nikolaev seaport V. Kapatsina accuses "Nibulon" of self-capture of the water area and even addressed in SBU and the State Office of Public Prosecutor

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The ministry of transport and communication of Ukraine declares illegality of a taking the private companies, in particular the Transinvestservice company, the state moorings in Youzhny port, and also the Nibulon company the water area and lands of water fund in Nikolaevsk seaport.

As the correspondent of the UNIAN reports, about it today reported on a press - conferences the deputy minister of transport and communication of Ukraine - the head of Public administration of sea and river transport Mikhail ChUBAY.

As he noted, for today there was a situation which can cause claims to ports from private structures that can result in bankruptcy of public industries.

In particular, as the chief of the Nikolaev port Vasily KAPATSINA explained, the grain processing terminal of the Nibulon company works in port illegally as with violation of the requirement of the legislation I seized the water area adjoining the mooring, in 22 hectares in the property. During too time, the water area of seaports can is only in state property.

In this regard V. KAPATSINA appealed in the State Office of Public Prosecutor and SBU to check an illegal taking the port water area the Nibulon company.

In turn M. CHUBAY noted that at last meeting of the government was decided to resolve an issue with fixing of the water area of the Nikolaev port in state ownership.

Besides, the chief of Youzhny port Yury of KRUK reported that the Transinvestservice company illegally owns moorings number 16 and 17 in port. According to its data, as a result of it only in the first half of the year of this year the port received less 23 million UAH from activity of the mooring No. 16 and 9 million UAH from the mooring No. 17. As a result of it means in the State budget are also half-received.

According to Yu.KRUKA, already there is an assignment the prime minister - the minister to transfer these moorings to fixed assets of port. "This problem costs long ago and if we two continue to hang a years more the head in sand, the state remains without port", - noted Yu.KRUK.

As M. CHUBAY emphasized, berthing facilities are strategic objects, and, as well as water areas, can't be transferred to the private possession, reports the UNIAN.


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