Nikolaev Byutovtsa practically in full strength went in Kiev to celebrate 10 - the anniversary of "Batkivshchyna"

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TodayNikolaevByutovtsa went to Kiev on solemn meeting in honor of 10 - the anniversaries of party "All-Ukrainian association "Batkivshchyna". As we were told in a press - service BYuTA, now in the capital there are practically all party members from Nikolaev, except for several people, includingSergey Taranenko, which couldn't go to such significant event for BYuTA on an etiology.

As told a press - the secretary of the Nikolaev regional organization "BYuT"Yaroslav Indikov, the ceremony took place in a festive atmosphere. All delegates were or in white shirts, or the vyshivankakh.Nina MatviyenkoI executed the spiritual anthem of Ukraine. "Batkivshchyna" was congratulated by representatives of People's Party andNicolas Sarkozy, head of committee "France — Ukraine", "Batkivshchyna Is Young".

During the performanceYuli of TymoshenkoI brought up a question of fight against crisis. She emphasized that, without looking at statements of her opponents, the country is far from a default, moreover, consequences of crisis managed to be overcome. Also the Prime minister - the minister told that her main objective is today an All-Ukrainian referendum on which Ukrainians will choose the state form of government: парламентско - presidential or президентско - parliamentary. If people give preference to the first option, the prime minister - the minister will elect in public, besides, in this case it will be necessary to make many changes to the Constitution. Among these changes - election of judges, opportunity free of charge to file a lawsuit against the official and many other things.

As "The Ukrainian truth" reports, during a celebration the leader of BYuTYulia TimoshenkoI urged the political force to clear the ranks on the eve of elections and more responsibly to treat formation of electoral lists.

"We grew up promptly, we didn't visit at all teenagers, we since the childhood got at once to cruel adult political life.We faced at once all problems therefore our team was bypassed by those shortcomings which are inherent in youth and inexperience. When we promptly grew, worthy people came to our ranks, strong from all Ukraine. But it is necessary to recognize that at the same time as a part of our party there are also people who got, unfortunately, incidentally which the inaction or activity which is unworthy, try to humiliate authority of our party", - she told.

"Therefore I would like to give the second assignment. Now, when we face main road of a new presidential, parliamentary and local election, we are obliged to look critically at our ranks, to analyse each person who represents today the person of our party - from the village or the settlement to the Verkhovna Rada", - added Tymoshenko.

She also noted that "mistakes are, and it is necessary to recognize them".

"The strong team can not disown from mistakes, and to recognize them and to correct", - told Tymoshenko.

In this regard it gave "the following assignment" - preparing to new to "powerful elections", to choose "the best of the best".

"Choose those who is respected by society... Be not closed, don't do the lists closed. I will never interfere with how society nominates the leaders in our governing bodies. I will ask very rigidly from everyone who will irresponsibly form the team on places. It is convinced that this time we are able to do it", - toldTymoshenko.

It reminded of party "sad story" when in BYuT fractions of parliament of the past and this convocation there were members, "which had an unworthy behavior, and they passed for any the benefit teams which don't serve Ukraine and all build for money".

"But today we others, and we are capable to be cleared, become stronger. Everything that we need to wash and give to a dry-cleaner and to update our pure, white, bright color of our flags, I think, we will make", - told Tymoshenko.

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