Regionals in BP fastened the poster "Yura, where Lozinsky? "

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People's Deputies from Party of Regions hang out in a sessional hall of the Verkhovna Rada to cry and gather near a tribune.

How the correspondent of the UNIAN reports, on a tribune of presidium placed the poster "Yura, where Lozinsky? " (that is, it is a question of the address to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Yu.LUTsENKO concerning a place of stay of the former deputy from BYuT fraction of Victor LOZINSKY - the UNIAN).

At the same time over chairs of the management of parliament the poster "The Party of Regions Will Protect Social Guarantees of People" is placed.

At present the tribune and presidium in BP aren't blocked, but deputies from fraction of Party of Regions are nearby. Now in a sessional hall about 15 People's Deputies, generally from fraction of the Ave.

As reported the UNIAN, today the emergency meeting of parliament has to begin at 16.00.

In the agenda of an emergency meeting of BP three questions: the bill concerning recapitalization of banks, changes in the state budget regarding assignment for carrying out final part of the European Football Championship of 2012 and the bill on modification of some acts for an election of the president of Ukraine

Today the party leader of regions Victor YANUKOVYCH declared that the parliamentary fraction headed by it will continue to block parliament work while the first question won't consider the bill of increase of a living wage and the minimum wage size.


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