Yatsenyuk wants to learn, whether suffices to traitors of 30 silver coins or they have still any requirements?

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The speaker Arseniy Yatsenyuk doesn't see expediency in coalition expansion at the expense of other fractions of parliament.

"I have deep doubts concerning possibility of expansion of the coalition, and furthermore inclusions (fractions in the coalition). Because the word inclusion is very strong irritant for many fractions. The speech can go only about the invitation", - Yatsenyuk on air of the 5th channel told.

"It seems to me that if it is difficult to coalition to work in a format of two blocks, it will be much more difficult to it to work in a format of three blocks", - he added.

According to the speaker, the coalition should "find forces in itself and to adjust cooperation in an operating format".

"And this business already the coalition and those fractions which want or don't want to join and reformat the corresponding coalition. I have deep doubts both in expediency, and in probability of such scenario", - he told.

Yatsenyuk also told that for restoration of work of parliament it is necessary to wait for the decision of the Constitutional Court which has to explain, whether there is a coalition.

However, according to him, "if the new coalition is created, it isn't necessary to wait for the solution of KS". Thus Yatsenyuk expressed doubt in possibility of such scenario.

"Submit the new coalition agreement approved by decisions of fractions which form the majority in parliament. It will be immediately declared, registered. But it isn't present because there is no will of fractions. At this stage it is impossible because it is impossible", - he told.

Yatsenyuk added that at this stage "anybody has no majority of votes" - nor at the coalition, at opposition.

On a question, whether it on vote will raise a question of change of the management of parliament if it is brought as appropriate by deputies, Yatsenyuk answered: "Please, with big satisfaction. If there are 226 voices under change of the head of the Ukrainian parliament, I will be the main player who will provide full vote on lawful procedure".

He also told that next week intends to meet representatives of opposition, and also deputies who left the coalition.

"I will surely meet these deputies to hear their position - that provoked the decision not to take part in vote what they have conditions and whether there are they on bases ideological, or they stand on race for power bases", - the speaker told.


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