By SBU it is hidden I removed in an office ex-the deputy Avakov: "Records confirm corruption of the Interior Minister"

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The security service of Ukraine carried out the hidden video filming in an office of the former deputy minister of internal affairs Sergey Chebotar which revealed that he was engaged in a conclusion of departmental sand and its sale, specifying that about it the minister Arsen Avakov is aware.

About it on the site reports «Road control».

- Couple of days ago, on YouTube videos which confirm corruption actions of Chebotar and the Interior Minister Arsen Avakov…were placed The main point consists in the following: Ministry of Internal Affairs state enterprise «Specialservice» had 2,5 million tons of sand on responsible storage. And so, the management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs decided to recognize sand unsuitable for construction and on this basis to sell it. For these purposes the fictitious auction with in advance stipulated winner was held. According to the plan: firm - «laying» buys from the Ministry of Internal Affairs sand on 8 hryvnias for ton, and then, sells it at the commercial cost of 30-50 hryvnias for one ton. On videos from Sergey Chebotar's office it is accurately audible as the deputy minister discusses this swindle with Alexey Takhtayem and the director of GP Ministry of Internal Affairs «Specialservice» , - it is told in the message.

On video it is visible as on November 27, 2014 Alexey Takhtay and the director come to Sergey Chebotar's office «Specialservice» , which report that the 19th there was an announcement in the newspaper that the auction on sand sale will take place on December 10. 

«We know the winner» , - I declared chapter «Specialservice». Тахтай explained to Chebotar that the auction will be held «for the sake of appearances» also will win «the» firm which will buy sand from the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Chebotar specifies: «And we have a buyer?» , on what the answer sounds that the buyer is.

Further it is recorded that on December 17, 2014 the director «Specialservice» and Alexey Takhtay again come to an office to Arsen Avakov's deputy. On video it is said that the transaction didn't take place as the final buyer plays for time.

«We upon spoke with you.You consult? But you don't consult, would give then *** ь another we will appoint, will consult, - Chebotar told chapter «Specialservice» , which answered that the firm asks one more - two days.

«The minister asks me it everything. They are played and will wait, what the hryvnia still to go down, and what it will bring to you? Then there was a dollar 12, it already 20 today. The N *** й will already sell. It is necessary to become, in retail network to sell and to earn» more, - Sergey Chebotar started being indignant.

«Then it is necessary to count the sand price... I п *** don't want to listen to this. I that am to the minister I will tell?, - Chebotar continues to be indignant.

Further Alexey Takhtay took the calculator and started counting, it is how necessary to raise the sand sale price to final firm to compensate devaluation of hryvnia.

«I made everything that could, and the auction made that nobody knew also tax still anything. And officially all carried out... They agreed previously, I don't know that them stopped» , - chapter «comes trueSpecialservice».

«I paid your attention to it, and I spoke - look that it didn't turn out so that all of us will make, and they will tell we we don't take away any more, and now you tell me...» , - Chebotar declared.

Alexey Takhtay added that they pull specially about new year that the hryvnia fell even more.

«To tell if you pull until the end of the year, the price increases» , - Chebotar told.

Further there is a dialogue that in Bortnichakh the large getter of sand works that it is necessary «to press» , to create deficiency in the market of sand and by that to hasten firm which needs construction sand.

The deputy minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs takes phone call, dials number and then speaks: «There is a company «Inter - investment» in Bortnichakh which is engaged in production of sand in large volumes. Give command, let immediately according to the full program will understand, theft of sand and all - will open production».

We will remind, in 2014 it was repeatedly reported that Sergey Chebotar, being the deputy minister of internal affairs of Ukraine, I was engaged in sale of positions in structure of militia.In particular, the People's Deputy of Ukraine Nikolay Tomenko addressed in That checked the Prosecutor General's Office Chebotar on participation in sale of positions in structure of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and its regional bodies. However, prosecutor's office I decided not to open of criminal proceedings and not to check his activity for Chebotar.

On the eve of Avakov's appointment as the Minister of Internal Affairs for the second time in December, 2014 the head of fraction of party «Blok Petro Poroshenko» Yury Lutsenko demanded from it to dismiss Chebotar from the deputy minister's position, on what Avakov I declared that isn't going to dismiss him. 

Moreover, Arsen Avakov repeatedly publicly «I protected» Sergey Chebotar, denying all charges in his address.

Also we will remind that else in May, 2015 the People's Deputy Olga Chervakova I declared that Alexey Takhtay appointed to Sergey Chebotar's place is Chebotar's relative, and that he doesn't sign the document until Chebotar gives on it «kindly». 

It is known that Sergey Chebotar resigned and it was dismissed in May, 2015 after scandal: at Sergey Chebotar's house in the village Foresters attacked a film crew of ZIK TV channel. According to journalists, attacking were Chebotr's son-in-law Oleg Polishchuk and his business - a patner Sergey Gavrilko. 

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