The theory and practice of parliamentary fights without rules

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About moral aspects of our People's Deputies it is already told - it is retold. People's deputies don't suffer intelligence. Unfortunately, and for some and fortunately, fights in parliament the phenomenon so habitual that became long ago, something like tradition.

A fight in parliament - fight without rules, but sometimes even in BP certain similarity of the moral principles are applied - "to fight in private", "don't hit a man when he's down", "to the first blood", etc., but every day all of them are less observed. And for what to observe, beat weak or it is always more pleasant, than you. It is also possible to notice that style and cruelty of a fight depend on the one who with whom fights and the parties to each other have how strong negative feelings. But, sometimes fights it happens and for the sake of entertainment that once again proves that нардепы the same people from working areas, and anything human isn't alien to them.

Yesterday нардепы again arranged "General fight" therefore I had an idea to remember most "outstanding parliamentary fights". Rowdies in Rada always sufficed, but hardly managed someone from national servants "to surpass" "elder brother" Vladimir Zhirinovsky under whom all at whom the head in order that "there is" as in a known joke tried "to mow" long time. However nevertheless there was a deputy forgotten already who tried to earn similar monasteries are Bogdan Boyko. It was praised that participated in all parliamentary fights which were at it, and in all it broke off a shirt. As the eyewitness of "fisticuffs" Quickly Taras Chornovil spoke, once he saw easy fight in which Quickly nobody hooked. But it dived for a tribune, and from there came up with the broken-off shirt though anybody there wasn't.

Generally, Quickly fell the typical victim, the image created by. It happened to face Quickly and "idol". In October 2000-го Vladimir Zhirinovsky arrived to Rada where took part in meeting of committee on foreign affairs. Quickly I shouted to it: "Fascists in Rada aren't necessary to us! G - N Zhirinovsky, we ask you to leave! " The begun fight was stopped by deputies among whom there was нардеп from PSPU Alexander Charodeev who has obscenely called Quickly analog of the word "gay".

But it not only "the legendary fighter". There is one more "legend" concerning the fighter who now is party leader. In 2004 - m all country discussed hearing that Yanukovych on the way to Kuchma's office "laid" Medvedchuka Hook. But, as members of the same party speak, it is the myth. On the other hand that they still can tell against the not the shaky chief. Though in due time said that Yanukovych has simply pugnacious character and a fist on a forehead were hit also the late Kirpa, and others who got in the heat of the moment.

But we won't play a camomile, and we will better continue the list of the most thorough fighters or we will remember from whom didn't expect "blow", or fight which are funny in itself. Here the juicy scandal concerns to the last in Rada in December 2002-го. The pro-presidential majority tried to dismiss Vladimir Stelmakh from NBU post of the head, and protected Stelmakh... Yulia Timoshenko (nowadays all on the contrary). Then between it and the deputy from SDPU(O) Grigory Surkis there was a fight. Tymoshenko went on pass, and Surkis pushed her as speak, unintentionally. And for unintentionally beat desperately, especially in parliament. At once the person five on him snatched, and Tymoshenko stepped a heel on its shoes. After эсдек demanded from Lady Yu. indemnification as it "spoiled appearance of its only new shoes". According to other version, Surkis declared that shoes were collection, on what Tymoshenko at once was, having answered that normal people collect pictures, but not footwear. Generally, Surkis behaved not on - gentleman's, for what later received some hours "otvetka" in the form of Yulia Vladimirovna's become familiar expression: "We thought that Surkis - a party brain, and it appeared her member".

In general "gender fights", business not such and rare. Though, you shouldn't row all all alike and to claim that нардепы as Porthos, fight because simply fight. There were also the "knights" rescuing honor of "ladies". One of the most juicy scandals for history of Rada happened in April 1997-го. Present Byutovets, and then Rukhovets Pavel Movchan from a tribune hinted at the relations between leaders of PSPU Natalya Vitrenko and Vladimir Marchenko, having told that the last "isn't able to distinguish own wife from the party fellow". Publicly Movchan refused to apologize, thereby "having sentenced" itself to beating. Marchenko as it appeared, the former boxer Hook right laid Movchan, and Vitrenko finished feet.

Eyewitnesses tell that Marchenko not only "рукоприклался", but also selected a support from the camera at the operator who appeared in time on a place beating of the baby, and Movchana processed them. As Yaroslav Kendzyor spoke: "Unfortunately, I ran up at the last minute when skirmish already ended, and Vitrenko with Marchenko send. So to help Movchan it wasn't possible".

It was interesting to look how Kendzyor could help the member of the same party. Probably, only by means of chants and encouragement at safe distance. As once on November 21, 2003 the communist Yury Solomatin hoofed out Kendzyor. "Otvetka" as then spoke Kendzyor didn't begin "to include", though I was engaged in weightlifting and boxing. By the way, Brodsky also tried" надавать punches to Kendzyor, but it in time stopped Immortal, and Brodsky not to keep everything in itself that as speak the doctor, very much damages health, decided to spit out towards the colleague on parliament. I got or not, there is no mention.

But, it is the forgotten history, as however, and a fight on December 22, 2003 between Grigory Surkis and Leonid Chernovetsky. Also Grigory Surkis sent in due time to Dmitry Chobot's orchestra seats (Chobit refined revenged then эсдекам book "Narcissus" release about Grigory Mikhaylovich's colleague Victor Medvedchuk). So Medvedchuk simply got under distribution.

Once you remember also that, in 2002 in parliament colleagues - Stjepan Chmara (one more unruly fighter) and "nasheukrainets" Ivan Stoyko fought almost. The conflict happened almost, as at Aramis to d'Artagnan - from - for different interpretations in Saint Augustine, that is, concerning removal of a question of impeachment to the president. Their colleagues Andrey Shkil and Vladimir Filenko separated hot нардепов, but to be hit on a face forty-year-old (then) With firmness from the pensioner Chmara everything is was in time.

By the way, about Chmara who liked to fill with Chmara even "prehistoric" times. Stjepan Chmara on November 6, 1990 (day will be included later in the history annals) until the end of not found out circumstances "contacted" with the citizen who has appeared subsequently by the colonel of KGB by Igor Grigoryev. A fight was "so-so", without krovopuskaniye, but shots pulled out of "Pipe" (a subway under the Independence Maidan) "the chief yard keeper of the Khreshchatyk" (Grigoryev of presented to that), the impulsive speech of the People's Deputy of the Supreme Council of USSR shocked the country, going to find the sovereignty.Business silently lowered on brakes, Chmara lost later and again found the deputy mandate, and Grigoryev, speak, took direct part in calm of "white brothers".

But we will leave the pensioner - "veteran" Chmara in rest and we will continue to remember "legendary gender fights". For example, in the summer of 2000, during adoption of the Land code communication of communists and right in a parliamentary hall resembled contact of baboons from contradictory groups in the savanna. According to legends of those years Ekaterina Vashchuk (by the way, Pyotr Simonenko's matchmaker) came home with a black eye that confirms existence of policy of gender equality in the Verkhovna Rada. So "fighting girlfriends" shoulder to shoulder together "fume" with the colleagues. Whether still will be.

Well and it is fine, "amazons" yet weren't translated therefore again we will pay attention to the forgotten oppositions. With the most spectacular fights deputies of the previous convocation pleased. On March 26, 2004 refer Yury Karmazin ("our Ukraine") and Yury Solomatin (KPU). The reason isn't romantic: Karmazin didn't want that the question of introduction into the agenda of the draft of the resolution on reduction of time for reception of amendments to the bill of elections in local councils was raised on vote. And Solomatin didn't want that Karmazin of it didn't want. Separated deputies of the colleague from both fractions. Speak, during a time was to put rates, it is so dashing нардепы "бутузили" each other.

Again - Yury Karmazin same year on June 15 (unique, by the way, the representative of legislature: he and from a place acts, and from a tribune is most often, and in general everywhere is in time) wanted to break the poster with an inscription "Yushchenko, as well as Kuchma, - the saboteur of the European charter of regional languages! ", which communists fastened to a tribune of the speaker. Communists, naturally, didn't share the point of view of Yury Anatolyevich. Further - it is clear. And here when the issue of sale of national interests to the hated WTO was resolved, Yury Petrovich Solomatin (one more person of irrepressible energy) and Andrey Shkil too showed a razlichnost of outlooks.

Now, as for fighters "in super heavy weight". It seems that Nestor Shufrich beat on the head very much that he forgot for what is in parliament. There is a feeling that it set a goal to fight with all who carries a badge of the People's Deputy, and for a discharge "comes into contact" to all who looked slantwise in its party. For Shufrich during a time as for boxers, to create the table of fights.Therefore let fans of the totalizator pay attention to "a fighting small fish".

I won't remember fights which happened recently. About them it is written - it is copied. For years of independence of Ukraine in the Verkhovna Rada there were more than 50 fights and fights between People's Deputies. Parliamentarians awarded each other kicks, bruises, tore shirts, jackets and ties. Therefore if to tell about each of them, the fighter - series, at least series on 50 will turn out, and even it is more.

Experts say that to subject to punishment of parliamentarians - hooligans it is almost impossible. The biggest punishment for the deputy is considered a temporary ban to visit sessions of the Verkhovna Rada. But it is more similar to encouragement, than to punishment. Adam Martynyuk proposed even to enter in parliament of a position of police officers, as in the Russian State Duma. Adam Ivanovich's sober initiative wasn't heard, and deputies blocked a tribune further, pushed pieces of iron in the device "Rada", broke microphones, and Evgeny Chervonenko promised if that, to get on a chandelier …

Having summed up article results, but in any way fights in parliament, it is possible to claim that нардепы aren't able and don't want to talk it is civilized. Though that it is possible to expect from people who grew up on movies with participation of Van Dam, Stallone, Shvartsenneger and other actors of the corresponding genre. Psychologists claim that the person who in the childhood worried emotional (revision of movies of "the rotting West" as carry to shock) a shake-up, sooner or later have an effect.

Generally, on the person world plot and People's Deputies were zazombirovanny and don't know that create. It is a pity for them. It is time to bring to the grandma, that "egg выкатала". Though, say that some нардепы, it is products of genetic engineering and "a fight gene" at them in blood, and only they can be sated with blood.


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