On the road from Goverla Yushchenko will collect garbage

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The chairman Ivano - the Frankovsky regional state administration Nikolay PALIYCHUK disproves information that Huzuls oppose an ascension of the President of Ukraine Victor YUSHCHENKO to Goverla.

As the correspondent of the UNIAN reports, he declared it today on a press - conferences.

According to N. PALIYCHUK, publications that "allegedly, Huzuls oppose an ascension to Goverla with participation of the President of Ukraine Victor YUSHCHENKO" were published.

"As far as I know, people from Ivano - the Frankovsky area, which signature stand under the widespread letter, no relation to it have and the signatures didn't append, - N. PALIYCHUK declared. - Goverla pure, and all approaches to her from Prikarpatye are cleaned. If from somebody's part there is a garbage, he needs to be cleaned, instead of to make different statements".

N. PALIYCHUK didn't exclude that emergence in mass media of such letter can have political implication.

The governor emphasized that the ascension to Goverla isn't especially party action "our Ukraine". According to him, action motto: "Pure Goverla - pure Ukraine! ".

"Each participant of an ascension will receive a plastic bag and will clean on the way back garbage", - he noted, having added that the action isn't mass.

As reported the UNIAN, the President of Ukraine Victor YUSHCHENKO plans to carry out on July 18 an ascension on the highest point in Ukraine - Goverlu's mountain. Already traditionally thus the President and everyone celebrate Day of declaration of the State sovereignty of Ukraine.

By data the press - services of the President, an ascension will begin with meeting on the occasion of anniversary of declaration of the Declaration on the state sovereignty of Ukraine in which activists of Our Ukraine party, representatives of the central and local executive authorities, local government, People's Deputies of Ukraine, delegation from regions, the public will take part.

On July 16 heads of public organization of edge distributed the open letter to the head of state in whom urged it to refrain from ascensions to Goverla.

"We, Huzuls - immemorial defenders and security guards of the Carpathians - urge you to refuse mass ascensions on the highest mountain of Ukraine of Goverlu from - for already done to the nature of harm and threat of new ecological consequences", - is spoken in the letter.

According to authors of the letter, after each such mass ascension "long and hard mountains, people and animals as during these actions and after them we have the paralyzed movement of motor transport, the garbage mountain, hectares of the trodden Alpine meadows" depart.


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