Who forms strategy to Tymoshenko, Yanukovych, Yatsenyuk?

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The vice-chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Nikolay TOMENKO considers that political strategists, and exclusively professional teams have to form strategy of activity of candidates for president not.

He declared it during a business trip to Volhynia, reported the UNIAN in a press - N. TOMENKO'S service.

He noticed that today it is very important to understand what will be strategy of candidates for president who forms it, and what team will realize. According to N. TOMENKO, he doesn't hide that is one of those who is engaged in formation of strategy of presidential campaign of Yulia TYMOSHENKO. "Our team includes known Ukrainian scientists, experts and politicians. And our task - to construct strategy and the action program of the real Ukrainian and the European President", - the vice-chairman of BP told.

At the same time, he while up to the end it isn't clear as Victor YANUKOVYCH'S team though it is obvious will work noted that a subject of social protection in the economic sphere and the pro-Russian orientation in foreign policy will be one of defining.

At the same time, N. TOMENKO noticed that the paradoxical situation arose with campaign of ARSENIY YATSENYUK. According to him, despite of patriotic and westernized statements of this politician, the Ukrainian mass media write that the defining role in formation of strategy is played by the Russian experts. "If strategy of presidential campaign of ARSENIY YATSENYUK is defined by the Russian technologists who at one time divided Ukrainians into three grades, it not only is sad, is and it is humiliating", - N. TOMENKO told.

Witz - the speaker noticed that is extremely important that our citizens knew not only what strategy and who forms it is and what team creates. "Paraphrasing the known phrase, it is obvious: tell who forms your strategy and it becomes clear what you will be a President", - he added.


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