In a fight for a ground in the center of Nikolaev the brother of the mayor hurt to himself a nose and a forehead

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Today, on July 18, in the center of Nikolaev on Potemkinskaya St. the real operations were developed. In the conflict center again there was a ground in the heart of Nikolaev.

On one party of barricades there was a head scientifically - the production center "ARI" Igor Rybachenko, and on another the Kontaktzhilbud firm management Anatoly and Victor Chaika - brothers of the Nikolaev mayor Vladimir Chaika.

As it became clear a bit later, two "neighbors" who possess the nearby land plots with Potemkinskaya St. addresses, 84 and Potemkinskaya St., 82 compete. All dispute goes round borders of these two sites. Business all that in documents which, according to debaters, that and other party, these borders why - that are designated on - to a miscellaneous has on hands both.

From everything that occurred this Saturday morning to the specified address, that lawsuits between our persons involved proceed already long ago was clear only and still the final decision isn't present.

But we will return to our "operations". According to I. Rybachenko, this morning, passable by the office, he saw that "Kontaktzhilbud's" workers try to establish a concrete fence in the disputable territory. He considers that they had no right to do it as "Kontaktzhilbud" has no documents allowing to a message construction works in this territory.

Victor Chaika

Other opinion there were Anatoly and Victor Chaika who consider that any permissions to conducting similar works it isn't necessary for them, motivating it with that the territory is leased by them.

Anatoly Chaika asks not to photograph it

And then everything photographs

The desire of one to establish a fence, and others to prevent its installation heated a situation to a limit.

In the morning, according to the same I. Rybachenko when he with the wife tried to prevent fence installation, the executive director of the firm belonging to brothers of Vladimir Chaika, Sergey Rytsarev told the mass of unpleasant words and "threw" them concrete.

"After we with the wife became on protection of the territory and disturbed illegal installation of a fence, Page.Rytsarev, with it is hot I threw a shovel and I got to a foot of my wife", - Igor Rybachenko declared.

I. Rybachenko's wife, shows a foot wound

Sergey Rytsarev in this respect had the point of view. It, showing on the trousers which all were in cement mortar, I claimed that it is madam Rybachenko of the first I started throwing in it building material.

As everything was actually, only participants of those events probably know.

We appeared in time, just on the most active phase of opposition. Mutual reproaches and insults which were released by opponents to each other, were so various that sometimes even the head went around.

To me pay - I work. And in day off doubly - the worker "Kontaktzhilbud"

From everything told we will give only part of dialogue between the resisting parties which in our opinion seemed to the most interesting.

"You so behave, because your brother - the mayor. But you set up these him and you spoil to him reputation", - I. Rybachenko declared.

Anatoly Chaika's answer sounded as follows: "Yes if not the brother - the mayor, we yet so would behave …".

That Anatoly Chaika under the words "we yet so would behave" meant - remained a riddle. Really citizens have to tell thanks to our favourite Vladimir Dmitriyevich, what he holds such important post and, thereby constrains the brothers from "yet such behavior"?

Verbal sparring proceeded about half an hour, and then nerves didn't sustain, and both parties resorted to "manhandling".

Having approached under a crane arrow, I. Rybachenko's wife tried to prevent the next container with concrete to become on a site. Victor Chaika seized her by a hand and tried to drag aside. It wasn't pleasant to Igor Rybachenko who at once stood up for the spouse. His brother Anatoly came to this moment to the aid of Victor Chaika, which as the real fighter, tumbled down the rival down to the ground. Only on happy combination of circumstances did without serious injuries.

Fighting Anatoly Chaika and Igor Rybachenko hardly stretched on different corners.

Anatoly Chaika and his brother Victor (back) right after a fight

Participants of fight got off with bruises and grazes.

Most of all got to the brother of the mayor Anatoly

After that into place "operations" there arrived the staff of the Central regional department of militia who, we will tell directly, became puzzled. While police officers interrogated persons involved in action, builders continued fence installation, and finally established it.

After completion of installation of a fence, to a scene there arrived the deputy chief of the Nikolaev municipal government of internal affairs Alexey Miroshnichenko who asked all present will calm down and to resolve issues in a judicial order. The parties agreed about a temporary truce.

Operations ended - we wait for a court session

By the way, the next court session is on this matter appointed to July 23. According to information which was sounded by one of brothers of our mayor, the court plans even departure into place personally to look regarding dispute and on a place to understand a situation.

In parallel with it, Igor Rybachenko wrote the application in GASK in which points to a violation of the law from brothers of the mayor. In turn, Victor and Anatoly Chaika threaten to write the application in prosecutor's office on the fact that Igor Rybachenko established at himself on the building of the surveillance camera and belonging "Kontaktzhilbud" directed them on the land plot and illegally removes everything that there occurs, than violates their rights.


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