V. Lusta: "I don't change the views and the principles"

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"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT"wrote about that The chairman of the Nikolaev regional organization of the Uniform Center Vladimir Lusta resigned the authority.

Besides abdication of the head of the Nikolaev regional organization, V. Lusta also wrote applications for a desertion of the party and for an exception of from among members of the political council of the Uniform Center (UC).

We will remind, V. Lusta was elected to a position of the head of the ETs Nikolaev regional organization on June 12, 2008.

At present V. Lusta holds a post of the deputy governor of the Nikolaev area and supervises the humanitarian block of questions.

We managed to communicate to Vladimir Viktorovich and to learn with what adoption of such decision is connected.

According to V. Lusta, I passed year since that moment when in Kiev with big scope and with great expectations uchereditelny congress of new political party "Uniform Center" took place.

"Really, it was a sign event in life of the country tired with political fights. Then we thought that the political force which had to on the basis of the centrist ideology, economic and political pragmatism is created, eventually to become over infinite political dismantlings, to unite in the ranks and round itself all healthy forces of society, skilled theorists, practicians, managers, heads of the enterprises, representatives of business, landowners, teachers, physicians, the cultural workers, all citizens who understand need of urgent political association of the country, political and economic stabilization", - V. Lusta declared.

According to him, the new political party was proclaimed as the party of the democratic direction focused on integration into the European community and completely supported actions and the program of the President of Ukraine V. Yushchenko.

"Then the party declared readiness for the union with other political forces which were ready to support the principles of democracy, policy of an economic and political pragmatism and on this basis to consolidate society. Really, it was powerful start of new political force which the country" so needed, - noted already ex-the head of the ETs Nikolaev regional organization.

Vladimir Lusta claims that for a year of the existence, the party considerably became stronger organizationally: regional, regional primary cells which already managed to show the opportunities are created. Vladimir Lusta carries to achievements of party also that supported representatives of party on snap local elections.

"But, unfortunately, I want to note that organizationally - political start of party was slowed down recently. The party started losing the publicity. Orientation of party and all its links only on local elections leads to loss of her national authority. Very often today it is possible to hear a question from people: "And what, unless this party still exists? ". I want to tell frankly that the victory on the majority local elections is won not so much thanks to authority of party, and thanks to authority of the local candidate", - will emphasize Vladimir Lusta.

He considers that is extremely important to support concrete victories on local elections, trust of people to specific party members, publicity of its national activity and publicity of its management.

"It is a pity that today, in the period of a point of a political and economic situation in the country, the party leadership took a waiting position that results in political apathy and disappointment among Party members and симпатиков parties. More and more problem there is an attraction in party of new members. People want to see an accurate position of party on everything socially - economic and political calls which appear in society. But this accurate position isn't present recently", - V. Lusta with regret declared.

The ex-the head of the Nikolaev regional organization of the Uniform Center explained that with approach of presidential election party members and citizens who support her, constantly ask: Whether "The party will propose the candidate for President of Ukraine, or will already support someone from known candidates? "

"We can answer nothing. Matter not only in the identity of the candidate, and in the strategic direction of development of the country whom he will spend. All main political forces already decided on this question. And the accurate position of the Uniform center on the matter isn't present. Probably, it would be necessary to hold regional, regional meetings on the matter and to decide on the candidate whom the party will support on elections. Or will support nobody. In any case, the opinion of the local organizations has to be considered", - V. Lusta explained.

The politician noted that he doesn't change the views, simply can't will reconcile to that on time expiration, the rhetoric of the party changes, and the management has no accurate position.

"I very long thought before making this decision. It was given me hardly. About it I talked to party leadership. The last 3-4 months to me as to the head of the regional party organization, there was almost nothing to answer Party members. Congress is postponed. Clearly why. It will be a pity if from - for uncertainty of the management, such political party as "The uniform center" will repeat destiny of NDP, SDPU (O), and some other parties", - V. Lusta declared.

The politician emphasized that understands importance of the decision, and also responsibility for this step before members of "The uniform center" in the Nikolaev area.

"Unfortunately, I without having opportunity personally to influence development of processes of party and considering a bright example of consideration of critical offers and opinions of heads and members of the Uniform center Dnepropetrovsk, Cherkassk regional and Crimean republican the organizations, I made such decision. I won't urge Party members to leave "The uniform center" as it did in Cherkassy. If I do it is it won't be correct. Each person has to for itself solve everything", - V. Lusta declared.

He as noted that while future public activity doesn't make any plans for the account.

"Now to tell about it not time. I already said that I don't change the views and the principles, and I won't change. I continue to profess those democratic principles which were proclaimed in 2004", - the politician summed up.


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