Tymoshenko accuses Yushchenko of large malfeasance

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The prime minister - the minister of Ukraine Yulia TYMOSHENKO considers veto use by the President of Ukraine Victor YUSHCHENKO in respect of the Budgetary code as malfeasance.

As the correspondent of the UNIAN reports, she declared it today to journalists at a briefing.

According to Yu. Tymoshenko, she intends to hold negotiations with Party of Regions for association in the Verkhovna Rada to overcome the veto of the President.

"I consider that this big malfeasance of the President YUSHCHENKO against local government - to veto the Budgetary code", - told Yu. Tymoshenko.

Thus she emphasized that such step of the President sharply disperses from V. Yushchenko's election pledges as standards of the Budgetary code were positively apprehended almost in all settlements, villages and the small cities.

"I really condemn this step because it is a step of the politician, instead of the politician", - told Yu. Tymoshenko.

She emphasized that anyway the next year the government will prepare the draft budget taking into account standards of the vetoed Budgetary code.

"Will suffice already to cry that the village perishes, it is necessary in favor of sat down to distribute money, here that it is necessary to do", - told Yu. Tymoshenko.

Thus she emphasized that intends to hold with Party of Regions negotiations on veto overcoming. "Certainly, I will address to fraction of Party of Regions that they overcame together with our fraction of the veto … I think, it is clear to all that is vetoed to struggle only with me personally at presidential election", - the prime minister noted.

"Also I want to believe that at least Victor YANUKOVYCH and his fraction the price of destruction of local government won't struggle with me at presidential election. I want to believe that politicians will sometimes serve people, instead of personal, sometimes to not really pure ambitions", - told Yu. Tymoshenko.

As reported the UNIAN, today, on July 20, the President of Ukraine V. Yushchenko vetoed the law on modification of the Budgetary code of Ukraine.

According to the First Deputy head of the Secretariat of President of Ukraine Alexander SHLAPAK, new edition of the Budgetary code doesn't resolve the main issue of local government, compliance of the account powers put on local governments to resources which are for this purpose allocated. Calculation of standards of the budgetary security isn't attached almost to the real price of social services.

In - the second, according to him, the Budgetary code actually disorganizes integration administratively - territorial units to the uniform state, preserves present system administratively - the territorial device, creates new risks for increase of interregional tension and tension on the "village-the city" line.

In - the third, A.ShLAPAK noted, "the impression is made that implementation of this Budgetary code in practice is possible only through manual control from the Cabinet and the Ministry of Finance as hardly it will be possible to reach balance state and local budgets".

"In - the fourth, politicization and a piarization of problems of the new Budgetary code to which the government resorted, unpreparedness and vanity of urgent introduction of its vicious provisions add impressions that the Budgetary code is necessary not as real reform of public finances and as the next pre-election trick which together with ideas of continuation of powers of chairmen of local governments will expensively cost to our state in the future", - A.ShLAPAK told.

According to him, the President doesn't support full abolition and already sent the offers of rather specified law to the Verkhovna Rada.

Earlier the prime minister - the minister of Ukraine Yulia TYMOSHENKO declared that if V. Yushchenko won't sign new edition of the Budgetary code, the Verkhovna Rada will need to try to overcome the veto, and for this purpose it is necessary to agree with deputies from Party of Regions, at which today "gold share" according to the solution of the matter. Thus the prime minister noted that if changes in the Budgetary code nevertheless won't manage to be put into operation this year, next year these documents will be surely signed by the new President.

UNIAN reference. On June 23 of this year. The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the law "About Modification of the Budgetary Code of Ukraine" (new edition).

This law provided formular calculation of transfers of direct relationship between the state budget and directly budgets of villages, settlements and the cities of regional value.

As the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Vladimir LITVIN noted, this law provides existence of 12 thousand budgets instead of 700, existing today.


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