In Nikolaev on Lenin's square before the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies in broad daylight shot vagrant dogs

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Today, around 11.00, - at the height of the working day - on Lenin Square, on a lawn behind a monument to Lenin, employees of the municipal enterprise "Nikolayevkommuntrans" shot vagrant dogs.

Two healthy big fellows at first scattered a bait, and then began to scorch from the pneumatic weapon on the unfortunate animals wandering there in search of food. Two dogs to whom they got, were slaughtered in convulsions and raised a howl on all Lenin Square.

On combination of circumstances, the representative of city society of protection of animals Tatyana Filippova became the eyewitness of this scene. She tried to find out, on what basis employees of "Nikolayevkommuntrans" carry out shooting if, according to the city Program of the treatment of animals and regulation of number of the homeless animals approved at June session of the City Council, in point 4.2 it is accurately designated: "shooting is carried out only in case of manifestation by animals of aggression, from 5.00 till 7.00, or after 20.00 to winter time, and after 22.00 - in summer".

In response to the remark of the defender of animals one of the staff of "Nikolayevkommuntrans" answered with rough abuse. However Tatyana Filippova working as the journalist in the Nash Gorod Nikolayev weekly, didn't become puzzled and right there called a squad patrulno - sentry duty of the Central District Department of Internal Affairs, and also reported about the events to the deputy of the City Council Yury Bobkov.

Without expecting such turn, the staff of "Nikolayevkommuntrans" grabbed corpses of the killed of dogs, threw them in the car and was washed away from a scene. Nevertheless, their actions to police officers were confirmed by eyewitnesses, whose indications were cornerstone of the protocol. In turn Yury Bobkov assured that he also won't disregard this fact, and will address with the statement in prosecutor's office.


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