UNP categorically against the draft decision of the City Council on restriction of realization of alcoholic beverages and cigarettes – it discriminates businessmen

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At public hearings the City Council draft decision "About establishment of restrictions in realization of alcoholic beverages, tobacco products and beer in the territory of Nikolaev" was discussed twice.

If for the first time parents and educators who supported the project came to discussion generally and even decided to increase distance from object of trade to child care facility from 50 m to 200 m (that, by the way, the city power for any reasons ignored), at the second hearings business was absolutely on - to another.

The project spread around in local mass media frightened businessmen, whose shops and booths are in "a risk zone", and businessmen, without hiding the confusion and puzzlement, tried to convince all gathered of an illogicality of the presented project.

The project approved after the first hearings (without the changes made during the second hearings), it is possible to look here (in the same place - the analysis of the project which has been carried out by the City Council).

The Nikolaev regional organization of the Ukrainian People's Party expressed the opinion concerning the draft decision.

According to the first deputy head of the Nikolaev regional organization of the Ukrainian People's Party Alexey Miroshnichenko, acceptance of restrictions in that look which is provided by the draft decision of the Nikolaev city council "About establishment of restrictions in realization of alcoholic beverages, tobacco products and beer in the territory of Nikolaev", published on the City Council website, is absolutely unpromising.

Acceptance of restrictions will be discrimination for functioning objects of trade and the restaurant economy which activity is legal and meets all standards of sanitary and fire safety. Thus only "fault" of such objects of trade and restaurant economy is that they are located near child care or medical institutions.

Thus, according to Miroshnichenko, in one epicure located at distance of 500 meters from school it will be possible to sell beer, vodka and cigarettes, and in other, just the same epicure, but located in 40 meters from school, - already it is impossible. And thus already nobody is disturbed that by the first epicure there pass the same children when go to school, and that the second epicure on fault "guardians for public moral" during crisis will sustain additional losses which will be reflected and in a salary of employees, and in quantity of workplaces, and in tax revenues in the budget.

According to the representative of the Ukrainian People's Party, it is necessary to set restrictions for places of portable trade in alcoholic and tobacco products and non-stationary objects of public catering. But first of all, the question of creation of the effective monitoring system of that alcoholic and tobacco products weren't on sale to teenagers has to be considered. Otherwise, we can reach such absurdity when "for reasons of public morals" questions of a ban to sell alcoholic and tobacco products in settlements where there are child care and medical institutions will be considered, - considers A. Miroshnichenko.

For Ukraine, according to the representative of UNP, more topical issue is the raising of a standard of living of citizens and cultural development and traditions of the use of drinks, such which for eyelids exists in France, Spain, Portugal concerning wine, or in Germany and the Czech Republic - concerning beer. The standard of living of citizens in these countries is much higher, than in Ukraine, and alcoholism level - is much lower, and that the person who has 500 dollars of the income per month, thinks any more of alcoholic beverages, and of a family, health and career or business prospects is well-known, - reports a press - UNP Nikolaev regional organization service.

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