Five Nikolaev businessmen tried to go to circumvention of the law - now militiamen will deal with them

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InNikolaev area67 raids - inspections during which revealed 203 violations of the labor legislation were carried out. The most typical violations are, so-called, "training" on a workplace without registration of the labor relations with the worker. About it reported at today's meeting of the city commission on questions of legalization of employment of the population.

Head of the city commission, deputy mayorRaisa VdovichenkoI told that the main task of such raids consists in identification of the illegal labor relations and further working off by participants of the commission of actions for ensuring completeness of receipts in budgets from charges, payment of insurance premiums, taxes, registration of employment contracts, etc.

"After all salary payment depends on completeness of filling of the budget also", - emphasizedRaisa Vdovichenko.

To meeting of the commission invited as well businessmen at whom during check revealed violations of the labor legislation. At the initiative of the head of the commission their explanations were heard.

The first caused "to speak" the ownerpass - a market "Piece of glass" which is located on Odesskoye Highway.During raid which was carried out on June 19, in shop eight people worked. Four of them were on "trial period", but as it was succeeded to learn, till today anybody officially didn't suit them though people continue to work.

The owner of shop wasn't on commission meeting, and sent instead of itself the lawyer who explained the elicited fact to that now there is a renewal of documents. He promised to members of the commission that in two weeks this question will be settled. However present such answer didn't satisfy, and they put this question to the vote. The decision to transfer materials on the violations revealed at this enterprise, to law enforcement agencies was unanimously made.

The following heard the ownerTreshka shop which is on Buznik Street.During check violation of the labor legislation was revealed - the shop assistant wasn't officially issued. According to the businesswoman, the girl was on a trial period. But, besides, as it became clear, the employment contract between the worker and the employer till today wasn't signed. When members of the commission took an interest in the reasons, the owner of shop answered that all this time was on a trip and didn't manage to issue the labor relations lawfully. Such "excuses" seemed to members of the commission not really convincing, and the decision to transfer materials to law enforcement agencies was unanimously made.

Besides "stationary" shops objects of portable trade in Nikolaev were checked also. In particular, a number of violations of the labor legislationwas revealedon object of portable trade which settles down down the street Komsomol, - two workers (the guy and the girl) were officially not employed. Instead of the owner of an outlet his wife who explained came that they with the husband are engaged in the general business. According to her, the girl who at the time of check was in tent, - the sister of the husband, it is a student and earns additionally during the summer period therefore it doesn't need registration (!).

From heard members of the commission became indignant and explained to the woman that it can't excuse in any way as in the labor legislation there is no such concept how "to earn additionally" - it is necessary to sign employment contracts with all workers. Having conferred, members of the commission made the decision not only to transfer materials to law enforcement agencies, but to promote that revised in general the decision on providing the license for occupation by trade activity. Also it was solved, to write the corresponding address to a sanstantion that check of this enterprise was made.

As it became clear during the meeting, three businessmen ignored the invitation of the commission and weren't in due time. In this regard the decision to send materials of checks on these the enterprises to law enforcement agencies was made.

Director of the department of work and social protection of the populationSergey Bondarenko, which was present at meeting, noted that it is necessary to carry out more active is information - explanatory work with the population about advantages of legal employment, and also about possible consequences of violation of the labor legislation.

Sergey Bondarenkoalso I stated the offer on letter writing in department of education. "Young people - graduates have to know bases of the labor legislation", - S. Bondarenko declared.


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