ETERNAL DEBT Nikolaev ЖЭКов or How to make bankrupt ZhEK and to come off clear?

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Brownian motion round a debt hole

Large-scale crushing, the birth, regeneration and bankruptcy Nikolaev ЖЭКов for the last five-years period of adequately feather of classics Ilf and Petrov. As showed journalistic investigation, since 2004 in a mass grave of the regional center tens of ZhKP, КЖЭПов and ЖЭКов for various reasons are based, to track which genealogy as it is difficult how to calculate related communications of gods in the Greek mythology. Who whom generated who whom absorbed who and for what paid who to whom has to and how many - questions on which it is very difficult to find answers: the high-ranking city officials, information such don't disclose the housing and communal services department management (misters Yavorsky and Novozhilov).


It seems, already and officials got confused in a zhekovsky puzzle: since 2004 in Nikolaev KZhEP No. 17, KZhEP of Leninsky district, KZhEP "Friendship", ZhKP No. 22, ZhKP No. 23, KZhEP No. 20, KP "Kommunarpobut", KZhEP "Center", No. 6 KZhEP are liquidated. To rested in loading attached some more КЖЭПов: KZhEP No. 6 fell into oblivion together with KZhEP of the Factory area, and in KZhEP "Center" poured in KZhEP "North" that subsequently "to bury" both.

Brownian motion of city operators especially amplified in recent years: "old" ZhEKI silently perished from weight of debts, in their Penates, on their material resources arose "fresh", got stronger and incured new debts … And then went bankrupt where - that flowed, to someone joined to release a place the newborn …

Here one of examples: from - for big accounts payable accounts КЖЭПов "Factory-1" were arrested and "Factory-2" - the worker half a year didn't pay a salary. Being guided by the plausible purposes, in October, 2007 session of the City Council suspended their activity, and the enterprises were "absorbed" by KZhEP "Cathedral". Almost two-million debts were met for a salary from city treasury. Later KZhEP "Salt" was attached to KZhEP "Cathedral".A year later the objectives of all these metamorphoses were achieved - KZhEP "Cathedral" went out of business …

Whether regularity is seen in all this or everything turned out spontaneously? To whom is budding ЖЭКов favorable? Whether so beznevinno it?

Stores of debts

To all fault are long. Actually, for municipal ЖЭКов to accumulate debts always was business habitual. In a tariff for housing and communal services the lion's share is made by intermediary services - garbage removal, service of elevators, illumination of entrances and staircases, taxes. The sum for these services ZhEKI had to take from a tariff, honestly list to other organizations and only a little bit to leave on own decumulation. But ZhEKI didn't hurry to leave easy money and ate much more than the put. As a result so "economical" activity huge debts collected. And when the sum of debt reached a critical point, and pressure from creditors became intolerable, ZhEKI resorted to a saving circle: not without the aid of the power were reorganized or liquidated. All this became under a specious excuse "improvements of local economy".

Effect from such procedure rather effective: many thousands debts hanged in air, and after time were written off. The head who has finished ZhEK to the handle, as a rule, came off clear: in any case, in Nikolaev any of them wasn't punished.

According to the estimates of the director of KP "Nikolayevlift" Vladimir Gamanyuk, as a result of such maneuvers with debts the lift enterprise lost about 6 million hryvnias since 2000. Municipal ZhEKI appeared the most unfair payers. For today debt ЖЭКов before лифтовиками makes about 2,5 million UAH. To recover debts from the bankrupt KZhEP "Cathedral" which is the assignee three КЖЭПов, лифтовики already and don't dream. Half a million hryvnias, most likely, will be written off. Obviously, the same fate will comprehend KZhEP "Prospectus" which ran into debt to "Nikolayevlift" about 700 thousand hryvnias.

If to speak frankly and in fact, ZhEKI, having received from the population money, simply left them to itself, leaving with a nose of the suppliers. But after all on these means it would be possible to buy not one ten new elevators, to repair old …

Regional power housing offices punished on 3 million UAH. It isn't necessary to be the economist to understand - burned through КЖЭПы also taxes chronically didn't pay:the debt to a pension fund at KZhEP "Cathedral" made 2,8 million UAH, before the tax - 1,8 million UAH

From metamorphoses with Zhekami suffered all: and лифтовики, and energy drinks, and тепловики, and, certainly, budget.

For certain, housing and communal services will object: debts were formed owing to non-payments from the population. But figures thing stubborn: at receivables in 2,8 million UAH the creditor makes 8 million UAH. The debit obviously doesn't meet with the credit.

To paradise on a competitive basis

Zhilishchno - the operational enterprises the city power undertook thorough "cleaning" in 2007 when Nikolaev entered the next stage of reforming of system of housing and communal services. Year before Cabinet of Ministers issued the resolution "About the Statement of an Order of Carrying Out Competition on Granting Zhilishchno — Utilities". The Nikolaev officials apprehended ministerial paper as an immediate appeal to action and began to prepare the soil for carrying out competition diligent.

As it was already spoken above, by 2007 zhilishchno - the municipal enterprises of Factory and Central areas (namely there officials intended to hold competition) did huge debts - in total about 8 million UAH plus million debts on a salary.

While KZhEP "Cathedral" successfully was led up to bankruptcy, housing and communal services department coped with competitions not less successfully, and service of housing stock of the city removed to private firms. Burdened by debts, old КЖЭПы in competitions, certainly, part didn't take. As explained in housing and communal services department, "from - for an unsatisfactory financial state".

It is paradoxical, but "sufficiency of a financial state" newly appeared owners private the zhekovskikh of offices so anybody and didn't check degree. And what for? the wheel after all had not foreign people.

To doubt that the outcome of competition was predetermined in advance, it isn't necessary: as it appeared, the majority of the enterprises was formed … some months prior to carrying out competition. JSC Tsentralny-1 and JSC Solyanye were created in the winter of 2007, and in March won competition in the Central district. JSC Leski-M was born on April 22, 2007, and a month later won competition.

For certain, by default, won also against ZhEKI founded by the son of the mayor V. Chaika: JSC ZhEK Zabota, JSC Nikolayevdomservice, JSC Tsentralny-1.

To ruin the enterprise, it is necessary to head it

We live as us operate.Zhilishchno - the municipal sphere of the city always was "a black hole" budget. How many pour in in it budgetary funds, practical results it isn't visible, and system as a cancer tumor, all the time demands new and new resources.

Alas, the virus of insolvency tormenting municipal ZhEKI, affected also the private. The conflicts to labor collectives from - for delays of a salary flashed in DP "Corundum — X", JSC Nordstar — the SOUTH.

At almost 100-percentage payment by the population of the housing and communal services, some new ZhEKI managed to run into debt everyone and everything. At an attentive view of documents the paradox is explainable: in the majority new private offices were headed by old and skilled managerial personnel, figuratively speaking grave-diggers old ЖЭКов. Checked, skilled, experienced, with strong and strong links pupils of old system.

It isn't necessary to go far: mister Gusev at first brought having experience of bankruptcy to the handle KZhEP "Factory-1", then made bankrupt his assignee - KZhEP "Cathedral". Now here successfully I founded two private ZhEKA - JSC Namyv-1 and JSC Sobornoye-1. As the Nikolaev press of previous years testifies, Gusev caused a stir that "buried" the Nikondzhilstroy Service enterprise, having actually turned residents of a multystoried hostel into bums.

Other top - the manager of the sphere of housing and communal services Alexander Mikhaylyuk, ZhEP JSC Leski-M …

It is difficult to present such picture in a civilized society: it is unlikely the head who has ruined at least one enterprise, would invite to head another. We have it, it appears, in any measure even it is prestigious. After all A. Mikhaylyuk and L. Gusev, ineptly directing semi-gone out of business КЖЭПами "Factory-1" and "Factory-2", in parallel establish private ZhEKI and … become winners of competition …

From a blank sheet and with new debts

Some private ZhEKI began new "work" with debts. Without having not a stiver behind soul though under the terms of competition applicants have sufficient financially - technical base to make own investments in municipal economy, newly appeared offices with might and main began to operate equipment and stock of predecessors. Besides, didn't avoid to collect debt on the rent, relying former КЖЭПам.

Certainly, recalculations were, but not in favor of a bulk. Debts hung on bankrupts - on KZhEP "Factory-1" JSC Leski-M debt (17,5 thousand UAH), JSC Nord-star-YUG (30 thousand UAH), state of emergency "Shalgis" (23 thousand hanged.UAH), on KZhEP "Cathedral" - a debt of state of emergency of "Ariand" (16 thousand UAH).

Nobody is going to give them, seemingly.

- Them all the same will write off, - the director of JSC Leski-M Alexander Mikhaylyuk assured.

Calculation of heads new ЖЭКов is simple: debts will fall into oblivion together with КЖЭПом "Cathedral".

Into place

But what it for the firms which have replaced old ZhEKI? Why the city power so actively cleared away them the road, relieved of debts and transferred housing stock to service? Whether all conditions of competition are met? How selection of winners was made?

Unfortunately, housing and communal services department of edition didn't give these data. The department director mister Novozhilov ignored inquiry of the deputy of regional council Tatyana Fabrikova concerning competition.

To officials, probably, is what to hide. Anybody doesn't doubt any more: competition - no more than the simple formality, allowed to get clear of debts and the given opportunity with a clean slate to start to earn money to owners of new firms. And if JSC Tsentralny-1 when applied for KZhEP "Prospectus" territory, the competitive committee assured that he will inherit also debts of zhekovsky office (about one million hryvnias), that, having won competition, at all about it forgot. Also are long КЖЭПа "Prospectus" which any more doesn't serve housing stock, hung in mid-air.

At majority ЖЭКов the sign was simply replaced. I was municipal earlier, now there was open company or state of emergency. Thus neither management, nor collective didn't exchange. Property, the room, production base of the former housing offices I turned into rent to private. Here also it turns out that the same director sits in the same office and in the same chair, but on debts of old office responsibility doesn't bear.

You propagate and breed

The system private ЖЭКов cracks.

For example, JSC Nordstar South already in debts, as in silks - the general accounts payable more than 150 thousand hryvnias. The labor collective lives in misery - since March doesn't get paid and is ready to take extreme measures.

From where so many debts - difficultly to understand were gathered, after all all private ZhEKI started working "from scratch", from a blank sheet, without burdening itself with debts of predecessors.

State of emergency "Shalgis" doesn't pay four months for the elevator, having saved up a debt in 40 thousand hryvnias.

Before friction with labor collective arose in DP "Corundum — X". The conflict was beyond internal dismantlings and became a subject for discussion at City Council session.At general meeting workers complained of a low wage, delays with its payment. As it became clear, workers were almost deprived of civil rights. The cunning director of this enterprise A. Yulevich founded four more private firms, having named them Zhedami and Zhekami, having translated there part of labor collective.

As it appeared, the power signed the contract for housing service about "Corundum - X", all grants from the budget pays to it, and really housing stock private enterprises - "ZhEK-6" serve, "ZhEK-7", "ZhED-6", "ZhED-7". The head reports to all checking organizations that standards of the contract and the labor legislation are carried out: at "Corundum - X" the debt isn't present, and the rest supposedly I don't bear responsibility for all.

The bad example is infectious. With the connivance of the housing and communal services city department the firms serving housing stock of Factory and Lenin areas, began to be split up and create the clones. For example, competition wins JSC Leski-M, and in the subscriber book requisites of other firm - JSC Leski - 2M are specified, and money from residents arrives into its account. Doubles many have private ЖЭКов: JSC Nikolayevdomservice, JSC Namyv-1.

Thus, quirky фирмачи not only "optimize" the taxation, but also insured itself on a case a swagger - the posh. It isn't excluded that tomorrow these enterprises will follow the example of the municipal predecessors: won't want to pay for the elevator, the electric power and other intermediary services. When their accounts will arrest, the double, will suffer no more.

Gorky experience of Odessa

Nikolaev not the first city which went on the way of creation private ЖЭКов. The next Odessa had such bitter experience. Having put housing in private hands, inhabitants of Odessa clutched at the head: the private firms created by people approached to the power, at all also didn't think seriously to be engaged in municipal economy, they on the quiet privatized production bases, the rooms once belonging to housing offices. Private ZhEKI were almost uncontrollable the authorities. Having taken burning with private traders, inhabitants of Odessa decided to return to the municipal enterprises.

Nikolaev only starts adopting the Odessa experience. Doesn't pass also session that in the agenda the question of repayment of the areas wasn't taken out. Premises of the offices which were the zhekovskikh went to private hands on Lenin Ave., on Parizhskoy Kommuny St., etc. They say that the city lost the KZhEP "Prospectus" production base - the two-storeyed building where there was an emergency service.

Private ZhEKI are constantly subsidized from the city budget, last time it allocated three million hryvnias for preparation for winter. On what they are spent? It is almost impossible to check it. The principal organ, urged to control work ЖЭКов - housing and communal services department - is hardly interested in it as the majority private ЖЭКов secretly is "protected" by officials.


"The Nikolaev business"


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