"Ukraine" is necessary to Russia: whether there is the Nikolaev cruiser the museum, scrap, or powerful unit of the Russian fleet?

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Unfinishedcruiser "Ukraine"has no neither buyers, nor inclusion prospects in structure of national Naval Forces, "The national army" writes.

The cruiser "Ukraine" was is put in Soviet period. After disorder of the USSR Russia in 1993 refused to complete at plantof 61 Communards (Nikolaev)the fighting ships, includingguided missile cruiserKomsomol member project 1164 N 2011 / "Admiral of fleet S. M. Lobov" (the first name of "Ukraine"). Thus, the ship was subject to completion for means of the Ukrainian state budget with the subsequent its inclusion in structure of surface forces of Naval Forces of Ukraine.

Shipit was excluded from lists of the ships and the vessels Navies RF,when it was in 75-percentage construction readiness. It was included in lists of Naval Forces of Ukraine under the name"Galichina", and after the special decision of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, accepted at the end of 1993, the cruiser was called"Ukraine".

More than in ten years after adoption of this decision the cruiser was finished to96-percentage readiness, but into operation it isn't put. At the beginning of 2000-x years the decision concerning its operation as a part of Naval Forces of Ukraine was changed in interests of sale to the third country.

The government created the commission for the solution of the subsequent destiny of the ship. For that time the option of sale of the cruiserhad big prospectsPEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA. But, considering impossibility of independent conclusion of agreement (requirements of a verification regime of distribution of rocket technologies didn't allow Ukraine sale of rocket installations by range of action higher than 500 km, and the complexesestablished on the ships"Basalt"had bigger action from the resolved norms), some years the thesis about joint sale of the cruiser by Russia and Ukraine was quickly discussed. Except the RKRT mode, the Russian experts had the exclusive right as developers onmodernizationalready established by the shipsystems of armscruiser.

However the People's Republic of China for that time almost resolved an issue concerning creation of ocean fleet. For some years before the Chinese businessmen bought the unfinished cruiserfrom Ukraine"Varangian", which as if it was planned to convert underfloating casinoin Macau. But after its transition to China there was no message about opening of such casino, and on the Internet appearedphoto of "Varangian" with board numbers of the Chinese Navy.

During this time the destiny of the cruiser "Ukraine" didn't experience any changes. Naval Forces of Ukraine had intention to turn on the cruiser in fleet structure, but the acceptance report - transfers wasn't signed. However, the state budget annually in expenses of the Ministry of Defence pays million hryvniason the maintenance of "Ukraine" at plant.Offers to turn the cruiserin the museum or it is simple to cut on scrap while remained unaddressed.

Last year director generalRecreation center "Ukrspetseksport" Sergey BondarchukI confirmed the fact of negotiations between the company and FDUP "Rosoboronexport" concerning a cruiserpurchaseRussia. But this year "Rosoboronexport", according to certain sources, any more doesn't consider this question, in Russia is both opponents, and supporters of this decision.

As reportedthe deputy head of the Commission oboronno - an industrial complex of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, the general - the colonel reserve officer Anatoly Sitnov,it prepared a note to the management concerning cruiser "Ukraine" purchase, and before communicated with the plant management of 61-го the Communard and the first deputy minister of industrial policy of UkraineAlexander Pinsky.

"The question was discussed by the leadership of Russia and Ukraine at the highest level. Now it at a study stage", - A. Sitnov reported.

In his opinion, "Ukraine" needs to be bought, asin the next ten years in Russia the ship of such level won't construct. "The cruiser is optimum for the Russian groups existing now, despite of that it staid so many years.It needs to be equipped additionally, rearmed and put into operation.There are some acts concerning this ship.In October of last year the general российско - the Ukrainian commissionI gave appreciation to preservation of basic elements, systems and shipcomplexes. Concerning implementation of this rather large-scale project, the question has to be discussed at the level of the heads of the governments or the states.The main thing that discussions didn't connect with gas, customs and other questions",- A. Sitnov considers.

In his opinion, many in the Russian Ministry of Defence, in other structures has to realize that the ocean ships, instead of coasting fleet are necessary to Russia.

Though, according to representatives "Rosoboronexport", at present concerning preparation of the agreement on cruiser "Ukraine" purchase they didn't receive instructions.


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