The Somali pirates took away two Ukrainians in the unknown direction, two more remained on a vessel

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The Somali pirates on Thursday morning took away on the coast of 9 of 11 hostages from the German bulk carrier "Lehmann Timber".

That to people happened further - it isn't known. On a vessel remained two of four Ukrainians - the senior mechanic Vitaly Rudnichenko and the electrician Sergey Alimov. Behind them on a vessel remained "to look after" two Somali soldiers - pirates. In a month which the crew spent in captivity, they finished all supplies of food, water and fuel comes to an end.

It became known two days ago that the transaction on repayment transfer in the sum of $750 thousand broke, writes "Today". As one of captured seamen told, the company - a sudnovladelets doesn't hurry to pay for lives captured and the ship. "Earlier owners of a vessel constantly contacted us, but tonight yet didn't call back. They yet don't know that 9 people took out on the coast. Owners of a vessel tell us that pirates insist that money was transferred by only a civil vessel. And the next such ship will be in these regions only in 17 days. Actually to pirates deeply all the same, to them will transfer repayment military or civil, British or Americans - if only transferred", - the senior mechanic Vitaly Rudnichenko told.

According to him, from - for shortages of fuel they turn on electric devices, including means of communication, only from 8 to 12 morning and from 17 to 21 evenings.

From 30 pirates who have taken a vessel, speak English, thus very badly only a few. With them negotiations were conducted.

As the head declared a press - services the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vasily Kirilich: "The Ministry of Foreign Affairs appealed to provide delivery of medicines, food and provisions aboard the ship. To claim that they were delivered, we, unfortunately, can't". Captives confirm that for all the time to the ship nobody swam up.

We will remind, on Thursday there was information that the Ukrainian who was 1,5 months in captivity of Nigerian pirates is released. On June 25 the vessel Lourdes Tide of the American oil company "Chevron" which was captured by Nigerian pirates still on May 13, was released, all 11 hostages are released for $250 thousand repayment.

On the same day were released and 11 hostages of the Dutch vessel "Amiya Skan", from them 4 Russians.This vessel was taken a month ago by the Somali pirates near the Suez Canal. Owners of a vessel transferred to pirates in the high sea of $1. 250 thousand of repayment though initially it was a question of $1,1 million. Pirates took away money and right there disappeared.


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