A. Moroz: "The freedom of speech began with Gongadze, but now of Gongadze's business do a fetish"

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Speaking about a freedom of speech in Ukraine, during the visit to Nikolaev, Alexander Moroz declared:

- There are attempts to make a fetish of arrest of Pukacha. Why there was no such agiotage round this business in 2003 when the court released Pukacha and when the president Kuchma dismissed the Public prosecutor who arrested Pukacha? Why all were silent? Yushchenko on the Maidan promised to finish Gongadze's business in one year, but the only positive moment is that one of important persons involved in business on murder of the journalist is arrested. It gives hope for that, as other participants will appear before the court. We have to prove that in Ukraine a crime предусмативает punishment. For now it isn't present the Council of Europe holds the moratorium over Ukraine - from - for Gongadze's affairs. Authenticity of films of Melnichenko was proved for a long time by the western examinations, but you pay attention to "coincidence" as during development I put Gongadze received increases three militiamen involved in this business as Pukach became the general - the lieutenant - already then it was necessary to compare and work.

Alexander Moroz accented that Gongadze at the price of the life showed need of a freedom of speech, the history will remember his role to fight for it. Today isn't present as that freedom of speech - yes, journalists refused "temnik" from administrations. But now channels are bought, instead of journalists, and a certain editorial policy is legalized. The journalist comes and already knows as as it is necessary to write, the leader of SPU considers.

Also Alexander Moroz expressed opinion that in Nikolaev journalists have a sharp feather by which the freedom of speech and an edition rating has to be defined.


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