In Nikolayevshchina only 13 diagnostic stations can carry out checkup of cars (their address)

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The exit reception of citizens was carried out by the First Deputy head of department Gosavtoinspektion in the Nikolaev area Sergey Bondarenko on July 29 in Oktyabrsky district, reports sector of public relations of UGAI in the Nikolaev area.

For a long time entered practice that UGAI administrative board monthly several times carries out similar exit receptions of citizens. After all not each inhabitant of the area is able to afford to arrive to the regional center and to receive an irrefragable answer on all arising a question concerning GAI work.

Therefore, Sergey Bondarenko solved as fashionably most deeply to like problems which disturb oktyabryets, to talk to people confidentially. In day of visit of the first deputy of UGAI to reception there arrived about two tens visitors with the most various questions.

First of all the questions concerning passing of the state technical inspection of vehicles this year were raised. It is known that some changes were entered: according to the resolution of the Cabinet of Ukraine "About the statement of an order of carrying out the state technical inspection of wheel vehicles" for cars which have to pass checkup once a year or every two years, the review is carried out till December 15 of the current year.

By the new legislation check of technical condition of cars is carried out by diagnostic stations which in Nikolayevshchina is 13:

- State of emergency "Arouna - the partner", Nikolaev, st. of Engels, 47;

- JSC Orion-Avto, Nikolaev, Kazarsky St., 4;

- JSC Avto center na Stroiteley, Nikolaev, Stroiteley St., 5-;

- JSC Diagnostika remont i service, Nikolaev, Stroiteley St., 15/1;

- JSC TEKHNOTORG-DON, Nikolaev, Michurin St. 2-and;

- State of emergency "Arouna - the partner", Voznesensk, st. October revolution, 254;

- State of emergency "Arouna - the partner". New Odessa, Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya St., 18;

- State of emergency "Misurin G. V.", Pervomaisk, st. Voznesensk, 75;

- State of emergency "Arouna - the partner".Yuzhnoukrainsk, Energokompleks St., 26;

- State of emergency "Arouna - plus". New Bug, Moskovskaya St., 2.

These diagnostic stations are brought in the All-Ukrainian register. Results of diagnostics are entered in the protocol of check of technical condition to the car, and the car owner has to come with this protocol and the list of documents to GAI division for 45 days.

In State traffic inspectorate division once again will examine the vehicle, will check the first-aid kit, the fire extinguisher and a sign of an emergency stop, existence of the policy of obligatory insurance гражданско - legal responsibility of owners of land vehicles, timeliness of payment of penalties for administrative offenses, will study all documents and will issue the coupon which confirms that the car is serviceable. By new rules to pass diagnostics and to receive the protocol on technical condition of the vehicle it is possible in any region of Ukraine, but the coupon of checkup is issued in a car place of registration.

Besides, inhabitants of Oktyabrsky district were disturbed also by a question concerning work of staff of GAI with the VIEWFINDER specialdevice. After all, despite changes in the work, many people are dissatisfied with a photo and video fixing of violations of the rules of traffic. Thus, inspectors of traffic police during service, as well as earlier, do photographing of violations of the rules of traffic, but at once stop the violator and provide these pictures to the driver by drawing up on it an administrative report for the purpose of the prevention of complaints and conflict situations from car owners who can be not agree with actions of staff of GAI.

Anyway, despite discontent of the majority of citizens, the State traffic inspectorate first of all guards traffic safety, and to drivers instead of paying penalties, it is necessary to adhere to Traffic regulations, at least to preserve to itself life.


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