Top - a rating of the most influential people in the Nikolaev area

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In Nikolayevshchina the rating is headed by local politicians and representatives of business. "Curators" from Kiev are overshadowed.

On the first place the majority of experts put the present governor of the regionAlexey Garkushu.For many years of the management Alexey Nikolaevich managed to build a unique power vertical in area - without his firm hand the area instantly starts slipping down, and it again appoint to a senior position. It holds a post of the governor since 1999 and only for one and a half years after "orange revolution" conceded itTo Alexander Sadykov.

Sadykov's RETURN to area seemed triumphal - at once in a governor's chair, but all understood that it is temporary. Alexander Valeryevich didn't become the first or at least the second person in the region, but established old business relations. Probably, its presence at a rating also is connected with it on the seventh place. And the only person who occupies more than eight years a niche of the main opponent of the governor, the mayor of NikolaevisVladimir Chaika.Vladimir Dmitriyevich was elected the mayor in 2000 and while anybody in the city couldn't make to it the worthy competition. From here and the second place in a rating.

Were in a rating of a place and for ex-governors.Nikolay Kruglov,Alexey Garkusha's predecessor, and nowadays the head of regional office of Party of Regions, takes the fourth place. AndAnatoly Kinakh- 15-е.

On the third place in a rating there was a director general of the largest agro-industrial company "Nibulon" Andleksy Vadatursky.The company controls approximately the fifth part of all export of grain in Ukraine, provides with orders one of shipbuilding plants in Nikolaev and plans to buy the second. Considering that JSC Nibulon for 100% is in property of a family of Vadatursky, no wonder, that some experts consider Alexey Afanasiyevich and the first person in the region.

From managers - shipbuilders is higher than the others (11-е a place) the general director of shipbuilding plant "Okean" (nowadays Wadan Yards Okean)was definedNikolay Romanchuk.He managed to endure three owners of this enterprise on a post of the director, and nobody was come to mind by idea to replace it with "the" person.But lately the rating of the director of the Nikolaev trade portfellVasily Kapatsina.Until recently it quietly could apply for the post in the first ten, and now - 14-й. Say that from - for very close business relations with the former Minister of Transport and communicationsIosif Vinskytoday the chair under the director strongly is unsteady.

The main sponsor of BYuT in areaOleg Bogomazexperts defined on 10-е a place. Officially vice-the president of Federation of boxing, and informally the person whom attribute control over two largest markets of the city and some other the companies, it is considered one of the richest people of Nikolaev. However, recently its political positions reeled a little. According to some information, it is connected with desire of BYuT to see in a chair of the mayor of the representative whereas Bogomaz is connected many years by close friendship with the present mayorVladimir Chaika, and to it such rotation isn't necessary. By the way, the representative of BYuT, the owner of the largest local network of the supermarkets "Fifth Ocean"closes the twentySergey Taranenko, which call the possible candidate for a mayor post from the block on the following elections. However, while the head of the Batkivshchiny regional organization, the People's Deputy from BYuTRoman Zabzalyuk(No. 5) supports Oleg Bogomaz.

The rector of National university of shipbuilding also got to a top-20Sergey Ryzhkov(8-е place). It quite recently, less than a year ago, replaced on this postGeorgy Romanovsky- the "eternal" rector who occupied this chair since 1993. And on the next re-elections Romanovsky, Ryzhkov didn't gather the vast majority therefore the decision on appointment was made by the Ministry of Education. Considering Romanovsky's proximity to Party of Regions, the choice fell on the head of the department, and in combination the head of fraction of Green Party in Nikolaevsk Sergey Ryzhkov's regional council.

Heading a regional councilTatyana Demchenko, creature of the head of the regional organization of Party of RegionsNikolay Kruglov, I took the sixth place. In the first ten Garkusha's two deputies settled down. On the eighth position - the first deputy governorNatalia Brakovan.It worked more than 20 years in management of capital economy of the Nikolaev area and about five years it headed at the governor Garkushe. Since 2005 I directed the Krivorozhagrostroy enterprise, and in 2007 - m I returned in YEAH by Garkusha's invitation.It is rejected including supervises also the land questions. It in a rating is followed by Garkusha's one more old colleague -Vitaly Travyanko. After local elections-2006 it became the deputy of the regional speaker, however then Garkusha took away it to himself in deputies in regional administration.


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