On the staff of "Nikolayevgaz" mass complaints fell down (is discussed)

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Staff of "Nikolayevgaz" went beyond all limits of ethics and the duty regulations. The mass complaints testify to it, arriving to the governor Alexey Garkushe. And then, who from us didn't observe scornful and haughty behavior checking gas meters?

On the next reception of head of area which took place in the Vradiyevsky area, to complaints of locals to this enterprise there was no edge.

For example, reports a press - regional state administration service, the house of the pensioner Lidiya Ivanovna Kovalskaya it is groundless, in her opinion, disconnected from a gas network. Similar complaints were and during visit by the governor of other Areas of Nikolayevshchina.

Veterans of work, disabled people, i.e. people suffer from workers who pensioners go on houses with checks, as a rule, to put it mildly, not really prosperous, state in the regional state administration. Victims of "Nikolayevgaz" consider actions of staff of the enterprise groundless.

The governor, according to the message a press - services, gave an assignment to check as soon as possible each complaint and in case of groundlessness of actions of employees of JSC Nikolayevgaz to take drastic measures for situation correction.

To our readers we suggest to describe shortly in comments cases when employees of "Nikolayevgaz" behaved in an unseemly way, and also, in case of disagreement with such statement, to adduce the arguments in protection of the checking.


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