The Party of Regions hints, what sugar in Nikolayevshchina will soon sell "by cards"?

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Regions showed a prompt rise in prices for sugar, in some areas jump made 2 UAH on kilogram in two days. Participants of the market sound different versions of the incident - from the next short-term fluctuation before exhaustion of stocks and the crisis beginning in the market, reports a press - service of Party of Regions, with reference to "Economic news".

The price of 1 kg of sugar in the Sumy area for the last some days reached nearly 7 UAH. In particular, in Konotop retail realizes a sweet product on 6,9 UAH/kg against about 5 UAH at the beginning of last week. In the Kharkov region the price of large wholesale begins with 6 UAH. In the southern region - 5,8 UAH/kg (wholesale).

Large operators declare an invariance is wholesale - selling prices and confer responsibility for their growth on an intermediary link. Nevertheless, on a question, whether it is necessary to consider possibility of such speculation as a symptom of exhaustion of stocks, participants of the market answered: undoubtedly. "Now it is a high time to realize the sugar which has remained on hands of the previous seasons, for failure replacement in the market", - one of operators noted.

We will note that, according to the government, the rise in prices for sugar is caused by Minagro and Ministry of Economics oversight. According to Yulia Timoshenko, "unfair work" two ministries allowed to destabilize the market. "We do everything to break monopoly in the sugar market", - she emphasized. In turn of Minagropolitiki are sure that unfair participants of the market bear responsibility for a rise in prices for sugar. "Growth of retail prices for sugar is a consequence, I think, exclusive manifestations in domestic market", - the first deputy minister of an agrarian policy Yury Luzan emphasized.

He noted that for stabilization of the market of sugar the Agrarian fund realized about 10 thousand tons of sugar. The product prices from AF, really, are almost twice lower, than in the free market, however commodity interventions have for today more social effect, instead of economic, in view of their small volume.For example, according to Nikolaev YEAH, the area received 85 t of sugar from AF and 40 more t has to arrive soon.

Thus, as reported in one of the distribution networks, all stock of gosrezervovsky sugar (40 t) at the price of 4,05 UAH/kg was redeemed in some hours. A number of shops plans to enter restriction on holiday of a sweet product - no more than 3 kg per customer.

Experts of AMKU are sure that economic prerequisites for a rise in price aren't present. As the acting head of Antimonopoly committee of Ukraine Alexander Melnichenko declared, AMKU are carried out researches of activity of wholesale dealers by sugar and large distribution networks through which its retail realization is enabled. "To all territorial offices of committee instructions are given by me to strengthen control of a situation in the market", - he told.

Thus, according to experts, fully crisis year in the sugar market there is not coming season, and following. "Well, let us assume, in it still we will stretch, we will eat up stocks, we will process a raw. But in a year люфта doesn't remain. It is improbable that agricultural producers will significantly increase production of beet", - analysts note. Existence of passing stocks which are declared by officials (600-700 thousand tons for September 1) and which have to replace the underproduction delta, also raise doubts. "Stocks are settled for some seasons of underproduction, - the director of AAA agency Sergey Nalivka told. - There is a real need for import not only a raw, but also a ready-made product".

We will note that the foreign product also hardly will be cheap - tendencies in the intra Ukrainian market have something in common with the universal. From - for decrease in a crop in the countries - the largest global manufacturers of sugar - Brazil and India the world prices for sugar in the current year can reach a maximum in 28 years and exceed 19,73 cents for pound.

Thus the capacity of the Ukrainian market of sugar is estimated at 1,8-2 million t a year. In Ukraine in 2008 1575 thousand tons of sugar were made.


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