"I on all this laid down", - the director of the Nikolaev school No. 16

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It would seem, in Ukraine each child has the right to education in normal conditions and the normal relation from teachers. It appears, in one of the Nikolaev schools other situation takes place.

In TRUTH edition edition.MK.UAparents of pupils of high school No. 16 in Nikolaev (Ternovk's residential district) addressed and reported about excess of the principal Alexander Aleksandrovich Kosobutsky.

According to Irina Stamat and Marina Vyglyadal, whose children study at high school No. 16, they, as well as other pupils, in fund of school hand over money, but on what these funds are allocated it isn't known: the sports hall in an accident condition, and even in cold children are engaged on the street, manual training isn't conducted, in the winter the school plainly isn't heated, water is carried out since 2008, but children of access to it have no … and it is yet full list of problems at school.

Despite an additional constant whip-round since 2004, the toilet is in a terrible state on the street (you watch a photo).

Our correspondent visited average школе№16, the worker of school who was in the yard is more exact in the yard as the building of school is closed, and, reported that the director, as well as all other employees, is in holiday to the middle of August.

Toilet to which school students should go, really terrible, moreover, near a toilet which was more earlier, there were holes in the earth, around there is a lot of garbage and dirt. On the way to a toilet and from it the child with ease can and from the former toilet to get to holes, and to stumble, without saying to that in the winter to catch a cold.

But except this toilet if to bypass the building, it is possible to see the metalplastic windows established on deputy money and money of parents at school. Really replacement of windows - more important question, than normal sanitary conditions?

Parents annually hand over money both for repair, and for a toilet separately, but results meanwhile it isn't visible.

"I am ready to pay more but that works became that my child studied in normal conditions", - Marina Vyglyadal speaks.

Annually each pupil hands over 40-50 hryvnias. The whip-round is conducted by the class teacher, and these means, according to school administration, go on compensation of mechanics, the fireman, etc. But that from pupils teachers collect, isn't documented in any way in accounts department, to parents don't give checks and receipts. If the pupil doesn't pay the specified sum, upon him and parents put psychological pressure, to graduates threaten with the bad characteristic.

Irina Stamat tells that everything who shows discontent with administration actions, the principal suggests to leave it. For the last years the number of pupils was reduced from more than 1000 to 500, but after all in Ternovke only one school, and why to carry children where - if it is possible to study in a residence.

On April 10, 2009 at all-school PTA meeting these questions were asked the director Kosobutsky, on what he answered: "I on all this laid down".

After that nearly 100 parents of pupils subscribed under the appeal to the regional state administration, the city hall, city and regional departments of education, prosecutor's office with a request to understand activity of the principal No. 16 Kosobutsky and to discharge it of a post.

We provide the answer to this collective parental appeal of executive committee of the Nikolaev City Council, signed by the deputy mayor Raisa Vdovichenko: "In actions of the head of OOSh No. 16 Kosobutsky A.A. the commission didn't reveal the bases for dismissal from a position.

The solution of problems material - technical character probably on condition of receipt of additional financing. The matter is on control of economic group of department of education".

"… the administration isn't engaged in a whip-round, contributions are carried out by parents on a voluntary basis, treasurers annually report about their use. But not all parents visit meetings and hand over money therefore there are questions of their use", - is told in the answer to the collective address.

"The sanitary condition of a domestic toilet demands improvement. The commission recommended to the director to strengthen control of work of yard keepers and the cleaners responsible for a sanitary condition of a domestic toilet", - consider in the city hall.

Parents received almost same answer and from regional department of education.

That now in the Central regional prosecutor's office of the city case on Kosobotsky's suspicion in malfeasances is investigated, doesn't interest local authorities as the innocence presumption works.

Proceedings are initiated on suspicion of the principal in assignment and waste of the money intended on an award to teachers. Many teachers after initiation of this business were compelled to leave from this school.


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