BYuT "clangs bells": the chairman of regional council tries to tidy up everything to the hands

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Elections not far off! Probably, for this reason "regained consciousness" a press - services of the large party organizations of area. With enviable frequency messages on how political opponents not well behave began to appear. So, on the official site of the BYuT regional organization there was a material the signed deputy of Veselinovsky regional council, the head of the BYuT regional organization O. Zagorulko.

We will give endurance from this material:

"Well is in Veselinovke to people! Unfortunately, not everything, but only to party members of regions. And among them - it is exclusive that who is on friendly terms with the correct people - "sensitive heads" and "kind owners". They so sensitive that are always ready to come to the rescue to everyone from the relatives who will want to improve own welfare at the expense of society. Also they "manage" so well that pull to itself everything, on what an eye comes across, and that thus constantly confuse personal and others', same is normal, for this purpose such people and go to the power. At them even the slogan suitable exists: "Let at that hands will wither who will deprive itself(himself)! ".

And why, it is asked, to veselinovsky regionals not to use an opportunity? After all everything is grabbed: the chairman of regional council Alexander Koval successfully combines the deputy duties with the management of the Veselinivsky regional organization of Party of Regions. And it settled not bad: realizes on villages vegetables, a sowing material, has private freight vehicles, and of the native cares because there shouldn't be a kopek by a family. Therefore he decided to help the relative - to G. Fomin who very much liked the municipal enterprise of Veselinovsky settlement council - KP "New Market". And what from that, as the Law "About Public Service", and interests of society, it seems, are a hindrance to such transactions? Not to offend the relative! And almost I gave already, and it is necessary such to occur: appetite to it was calmed by the People's Deputy of Ukraine R. Zabzalyuk.

But mister Koval not for nothing holds such high position, and such respectable party in the area directs. Such affairs won't entrust someone, here it is necessary to have an initiative and thin feeling of the moment. And still the confidence that if something happens, high party patrons of a rescue will always come.Therefore if it wasn't succeeded to tidy up "The new market" to a pocket, something is necessary another, equivalent to find that the party budget of favourite party didn't suffer. And not long it was necessary to look for - it seemed to Alexander Ivanovich that the Kolos restaurant belonging to the Veselinovsky district consumer union, more benefit will bring if belongs not to someone, and to the member of the same party of mister Koval - to I. Osipov.

Finally, after many lawsuits, the district consumer union managed to seize Kolos restaurant. But on it the chairman of regional council Alexander Koval didn't stop, on the contrary, he decided to receive vzleleyanny in dreams someone else's property already by means of obedient odnoprartiyets - deputies of regional council moreover and for means from the regional budget. Attempts to transfer Kolos restaurant, not at once to private hands, and for a start at least to property of regional council began. And there, likely, native regionals won't begin to rest, for what is necessary will vote unanimously. However, and here left not as mister Koval wanted", - it is spoken in the publication.

What here it is possible to tell? Well simply cry from the heart! To protect regionals there is no desire and, probably, and it isn't necessary. They have "specially trained people" who have to do it. Question - why don't do? But this question - not to us.

Reading O. Zagorulko's story, about the "correct" R. Zabzalyuk's feats and the managements of the regional party organization - you be touched as people work.

And what, Byutovtsa work not so? Naturally, they in the Nikolaev area have less than opportunities, after all practically in all local councils of area the majority at "regionals".

But also it doesn't prevent Roman Zabzalyuk to organize revolution attempt in separate executive authorities.

We will remind that quite recently, the People's Deputy of Ukraine, the chairman of the Nikolaev regional organization of Party of Regions Nikolay Kruglov was indignant with that the People's Deputy of Ukraine, the head of the BYuT regional organization tries to pursue exile policy from structures of the state executive power and from the state enterprises of the people who are members or simply supporters of Party of Regions.

Opposition between BYuT and Party of Regions in the Nikolaev area is similar is more and more pointed. It is interesting to look that will be farther.


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