Naftogaz ahead of schedule paid off with Gazprom for July gas

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The national joint stock company "Naftogaz of Ukraine" paid off with the Russian JSC Gazprom for the gas pumped in July in underground storages, the amount of payment makes 605 mln. dollars

As the correspondent of the UNIAN reports, the prime minister reported about it today at a briefing - the minister of Ukraine Yulia TYMOSHENKO.

"Today, I emphasize - ahead of schedule, the government paid for pumping natural Russian gas in gas storages of Ukraine. We paid 605 million dollars and completely paid for the pumped gas in the Ukrainian gas storages", - told Yu. Tymoshenko.

Thus she emphasized that until the end of the year the government payment for the gas pumped in UGS will ensure successful functioning of "Naftogaz" and timely.

Yu. Tymoshenko noted that until the end of the year in UGS 27 billion cubic meter of gas that will provide power independence of Ukraine will be downloaded.

Answering a question of the UNIAN, at the expense of what means payment of the gas pumped in July was carried out, Yu. Tymoshenko reported that it means from the state budget, returned to "Naftogaz" as compensation of the VAT for gas transit.

"It means of the state budget which were returned to NAK to "Naftogaz" as compensation of the VAT on export which carries out NAK "Naftogaz". That is, in other words, ran into debt NAK to "Naftogaz" VAT return on export (gas transit). We returned it to the VAT, and at the expense of it paid off with the Russian Federation", - told Yu. Tymoshenko.

Answering specifying question, whether International Monetary Fund proceeds of credit for calculation for gas, Yu. Tymoshenko were used told: "It at the expense of budget funds. We don't divide money in the budget for sources - we have the joint treasury account from which we pay, here it is difficult to divide, at the expense of what means".

UNIAN reference. According to the contract of January 19, 2009, NAK Naftogaz Ukrainy it is obliged to direct monthly to JSC Gazprom payments for gas no later than the 7th date following deliveries. At the first non-payment the contract between the companies provides transition to advance system of calculations.

Ukraine still and in full paid off in time with "Gazprom" for the put gas.


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