In your institution smoke? Please, penalty ten thousand hryvnias

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Penalties to 10 thousand hryvnias will be applied to owners of cafe, bars and restaurants at which at least 50% of the area won't be protected from a tobacco smoke. It yesterday on a press - conferences in Kiev were declared by the first deputy chairman of the State committee of Ukraine concerning technical regulation and consumer policy (Gospotrebstandart), the head of the UNP Nikolaev regional organization Yury Shirko.

Yu. Shirko noted that on July 11 came into change force to the Law of Ukraine "About measures concerning the prevention and reduction of consumption of tobacco products and their negative influence on population health" according to which collection of penalties from owners of institutions, and not just from smokers as it was earlier is provided. The sum of a penalty will vary from one to ten thousand hryvnias, reports a press - UNP Nikolaev regional organization service.

"We want that each citizen realized that he has a right to come into any cafe or restaurant of Ukraine where to it are obliged to provide the place which has been completely protected from a tobacco smoke", - the first deputy head Gospotrebstandart told.

He also added that if in an institution of only one halls for visitors, he all has to be free from a tobacco smoke. At the same time Yury Shirko noted that from - for resolutions of the Cabinet on the moratorium on planned inspections of institutions of public catering which will work till December 31, 2010, Gospotrebstandart will be able to check Law non-performance only on the basis of complaints of citizens. If at restaurant the rights of those who doesn't smoke aren't provided, the person has to write the complaint to the book of complaints of an institution and address in writing in local management on protection of the rights of consumers. "Our purpose - not to increase quantity of penalties, and once and for all to protect people from a tobacco smoke".


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