Socialists in Nikolaev mixed election campaign with an action for safe food

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It appears, Valentina Semenyuk's promotion and acceptance in Socialist party of everyone on Soviet actually was an action for safe food.

As we already reported, on August 1 on Sovetskoy Sotsialisticheskaya Street the party exposed the tent in which on a place admitted to the party, distributed a heap of propaganda materials, and the leaf similar to a calendar card in which were listed different "Е" - food additives was the smallest bumazhechka. As it appeared, this leaf and was "highlight of the program".

As the third secretary of the Nikolaev regional committee of SPU Ivan Haritonchik on the official site of Socialist party reports, "on August 1 at the initiative of All-Ukrainian public organization of the Union of women of Ukraine "For the future of children" there took place an action for safe food. In areas and the area cities socialists distributed brochures with information on food additives which contain in the food which are daily bought in shops and supermarkets. In a practical information material influence over 100 food additives on a human body is shined. Only Ukrainians suffered for the last half a year from: low-quality food - 51%, consumer goods - 49%. Such brochure will help to secure itself against goods of unfair producers and will be useful to each person in healthy lifestyle maintenance".

If the leaf which on length and width doesn't exceed a human palm, of course, party very much is called today as the brochure moved ahead.

We will remind that in tent distributed: the brochure from the Union of women of Ukraine "For the future of children" how to be protected from raiding, a calendar card for 2010, the address from the priest, the list of the most dangerous additives in food, the booklet from the Union of women of Ukraine "For the future of children" about this organization. Thus on all these the bumazhechkakh appears Valentina Semenyuk's face - heads of the State property fund and the head of the Union of women of Ukraine "For the future of children".

Besides, in the presence of the passport and two photos it was possible "without departing from cash desk" "to be closed up" by the socialist.

Who could think that all this is for the sake of one small bumazhechka with the list various "Е".Thus that near the name of the majority of food additives there was extremely informative and sensible inscription about what danger is constituted by an additive, namely is written: "Dangerously".

"Inhabitants of Nikolayevshchina were grateful to activists of city, regional Communist Party organizations of SPU and the Union of women of Ukraine "For the future of children", - Ivan Haritonchik states.

Inhabitants of Nikolayevshchina are probably very surprised how they are grateful. However not to argue with Ivan Haritonchik, for which and a bumazhechka in the size of a pocket calendar card - the brochure, the main character of the carried-out stock.


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