UNP will reconsider the position about support of the democratic coalition - the Odessa — Fords — Plock project

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"Obviously, UNP will be compelled to reconsider the political position on support of the so-called democratic coalition", - the People's Deputy of Ukraine, the member of parliamentary Committee on energy industry and nuclear safety, the leader of the Ukrainian people's party Yury KOSTENKO declared. According to him, the analysis of initiatives and their realization from the operating government and the present coalition" became a push for such solution of UNP ". The situation which has developed round the project of completion of the Odessa — Fords oil pipeline to Plock became a last straw for UNP, Poland left days in the list of the key energy projects financed at the expense of means of EU in 2013 within the "Infrastructure and Environment" program.

"The decision of the Polish government refutes Tymoshenko's statements for disinterest of partners performed by a "oil" energy project through which Ukraine will reduce the power dependence on Russia", - considers KOCTEHKO. It reminded that "the project of completion of the oil pipeline from the Ford to Plock took the second place in the list from 13 key energy projects on financing level after "енергомоста" between Poland and Lithuania". According to KOCTEHKO, "Poland expects to receive about 120 million from 440 million euros which are necessary for implementation of the project" from EU. He exclaimed surprise, "why the Ukrainian government doesn't support the Odessa — Fords — Plock project in which Europe" is interested. On his belief, "Transit of oil on the Odessa — Fords oil pipeline as it will help to reduce the price of oil for internal needs" is favorable to Ukraine.

Yury KOSTENKO: "UNP offers to the government of rather averse start "Odessa - Fords" in 2009, - remained without answer. Therefore, the so-called democratic coalition - a screen for the operating government which hands over national interests of Ukraine, - including, in the field of power".KOCTEHKO considers as a government failure also "the shameful gas contract signed by TYMOSHENKO in January, refusal to pass to the market relations with the BSF of the Russian Federation, and also lack of work with the Russian Federation concerning return of savings of investors of Sberbank of the USSR".


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