The Okean plant will take part in the tender for construction of "the Ukrainian corvette"

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"Any shipbuilding plant in Nikolaev has no license for construction of warships". Prospects of military shipbuilding in Ukraine are analyzed in exclusive interview by the deputy finance director of JSC Vadan Yards Okean (Nikolaev) Gennady Appolinariyevich Manzhos.

We continues to watch prospects of implementation of the program of the VMSU updating. In rate, about ability of the Ukrainian shipbuilders will cope with the Ukrainian Corvette project. In the previous material the first vice-the president of Ukrsudprom Association V.I.Lisitskty expressed the opinion concerning a condition of waters "Vadan Yards Okean", Plant of "61 Communards" and ChSZ.

What of shipbuilding plants is most capable to implementation of the "Ukrainian corvette" project?

Let's be defined at once: to speak with confidence, what plant in the best way is suitable for "corvette" construction to the approval of the project of a vessel and actually the tender announcement early.

Only when the project of a vessel will be finally finished and approved, we will be able to tell that it makes sense to speak about construction prospects.

As for a choice of shipbuilding plant for construction of corvettes - that it depends on accurate definition of that purpose which puts before itself the country leaders.

There are two options.

1. For those funds which are allocated by the Ministry of Defence for design, construction and technical support of courts to construct a series of "the Ukrainian corvettes" in those terms which are determined. And they are defined already, I can approve it. The head vessel has to be constructed in already certain concrete time. Further seriality because conceptually neither for voyenno - navy, nor other method of construction is unacceptable for shipbuilding plant, except the line will go.

2. For money of the Ministry of Defence to restore ship-building capacities at idle plants, and for the rest to try to construct a series of corvettes is another. But I consider such approach wrong.

It is clear that the tender will be announced.Conditions of participation in it will be declared. In itself it assumes preparation of a set of documents and certificates. Practically, it is a question of full inspection of the enterprise. Personnel potential, the equipment and other will be checked. Only after that, having obtained the corresponding license, the enterprise will be allowed to the tender.

Unfortunately, except shipbuilding plant of "Ocean", on a condition of ship-building production, in my opinion, can't apply for participation in the tender. Much to regret of nikolayevets, neither the Black Sea shipbuilding plant, nor Shipbuilding plant of a name 61-го a commune don't possess the technical capabilities, allowing to accept the military order.

What technical capabilities mean?

For example, all ship-building equipment on which the ships will be under construction has to be certified. This crane economy, welding equipment, building berths. For example, certification of rail economy at such enterprise as ChSZ will manage about 1 million UAH. It will be necessary to check everything podjemno - the transport equipment, - whether it will be able to lift freights on which it is calculated, up to cables and mechanisms. There is also a safety measures question. It is necessary to have 36 documents - to be served on obtaining the special license for construction of warships.

Further, to competition will allow only those enterprises which will undergo special testing, certifications and at last, will obtain the special license for construction of warships.

"Ocean" has necessary certification?

Yes, our enterprise underwent all necessary procedures. Plant - the live enterprise which builds vessels. Both the equipment, and labor are certified under the European standards, under foreign customers.

But after all "Ocean", unlike the others - not the specialized enterprise?

Wasn't in the Soviet Union of the enterprises, not capable to execute the military order. Such is there was the doctrine put at creation of the ship-building enterprises. For example, "Lenin кузня" I built all life of the trawler, so-called SRT. But recently I executed 2 military orders.

In principle, I don't exclude that a series from 10 ships will be divided between two plants. If, of course, financing suffices.

And how problem of shots? After all at the specialized enterprises people built decades the ships.

As for shots - that Okean plant at all in losing situation. All shipbuilding plants were connected with war industry and which - that did for it.

For example, the same so-called "scientifically - research vessels" were under construction and on "Ocean", including. They passed all military commissions and military standards.

So we have an experience.

The second question - a lack of qualified personnel. Both purely technical, and engineers. And here we have an advantage. Long time our plant was the only really working enterprise in the city of Nikolaev. It had opportunity to choose from all Nikolaev professionals of the best. Therefore many professionals it appeared, eventually, at us. For example - the chief technologist of plant of 61 Communards who "conducted" the military ships works at "Ocean". Also the part inzherno - technical workers from ChSZ and plant of 61 Communards works for a long time for us. I can tell the same and about working specialties. So it is important not who where ONCE worked. Where work is who will win the tender - there people and will go. Not from good life all this, clearly. But the order pulls for itself labor. And the performer of the order has opportunity to choose shots.

As a whole, whether it is possible to claim, what "Ocean", is going to participate in the tender?

Yes, our plant, "Ocean", is going to take part in the tender for construction of "the Ukrainian corvette". But more exact it becomes clear after its announcement. And our acquaintance with tender conditions.

When the tender will be announced?

I will tell you one interesting fact. The enterprises having licenses for construction of warships can be allowed to the tender only.

Today ANY ship-building the enterprises in Ukraine, except "Lenin кузни", has no license for construction of warships.

Why? Very simply - obtaining the license demands efforts. Validity period it - limited then it needs to be renewed constantly. And prospects of orders from Naval Forces weren't many years - here any of plants it and didn't prolong.

Now the Black Sea Shipbuilding Plant is engaged in renewal of the license. I am not aware, whether occurs too most and at Plant of 61 Communards. Soon and we will be engaged in it.

How much time you need on obtaining such license?

Procedure will take, at best, 3 months - for the prepared, working plant.

And for plant which will need to receive at first certification of the equipment - I find it difficult to tell. It directly depends on a condition of fixed assets.

As a whole, we approve the decision to build "the Ukrainian corvette" at the Ukrainian plant. 3 Nikolaev plants will participate in the tender all is it is possible to tell precisely. Moreover, as far as I know, neither "Lenin кузня", nor "The Kerch shipbuilding plant "Gulf" is no meanwhile by intentions to participate in the tender.

"Lenin кузня" - it is clear why. To build expediency there such vessels the very disputable. At least because it should be banished then across Dnepr - there the whole system of locks. And nobody studied, whether it is possible in principle.

So everything becomes isolated on the Nikolaev region. Whether I don't know Kherson - but hardly will be connected.

As a whole, the question consists in readiness of this or that enterprise TODAY to implementation of the large-scale and responsible order. Instead of about the history, a glorious past who how many the ships constructed and in what fights they once participated.

Some experts criticize the power for inconsistency in a question of implementation of the program the Ukrainian corvette.Whether there is a threat that it and remains a project, will be drowned in words?

Doesn't exist. This my personal opinion - anyway "corvette" will be realized. The recoverability point, in my opinion, will be passed soon. It is too much means, forces and time it is spent - anybody won't be able to cancel it any more.

Question on the Russian owner of plant. How he will move itself(himself) in relation to Ukrainian to the government? After all not once in our history there were cases when the state, having paid part of the order, forgot about it. And unfinished vessels for years rust on building berths. And after all it is capacities which it is impossible to use, the spent materials and labor idle times.

Question the extremely interesting. I after all not for nothing emphasize - everything depends on tender conditions. If conditions are suitable - that the project becomes interesting to plant.

Whether there will be to a corvette the same, what happened to the cruiser "Ukraine"?

The cruiser "Ukraine" it is perfect other type of products which had to conceptually other purposes and tasks to carry out. The purposes and these tasks, alas, disappeared. There is no that probable opponent against whom Ukraine could use this cruiser.

- it it is absolutely senseless to use the second circumstance in singular, it is created for the solution of tasks which aren't carried out by the single ships. It conceptually doesn't approach under defensive strategy of Ukraine.

Therefore with it also there was such situation.


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