Requiem for IFC "Nikolaev"

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It is difficult to present that the Nikolaev mayor Chaika managed to find for some days for team of the new owner. Therefore, most likely, the city of Nikolaev remains without big soccer …

In the history of the Nikolaev team of masters of breaks was enough. The having huge weight in the Soviet Union the director of the Black Sea shipbuilding plant Yury Makarov native "Shipbuilder" fatherlike care didn't favor. The second league suited it, and after all to threaten on the first to the director was quite on a pocket. Evgeny Kucherevsky, light to him memory, managed, was to stir up team in seasons 1984 and 1985, but also then to raise in a class didn't leave. In 1990 shipbuilders played again "on the five", having won the permit in a buffer zone of the second league. And here the director of ChSZ adoring yachts and water sports, by the outcome of 1991 was practically discharged of soccer. I remember how I, our "Vecherka's" very young correspondent, made the way in a guest box and I dared to ask a question of hearings rather reigning then of fast death of club with 70 - summer history: "Yury Ivanovich, whether the truth, what in a new season of "Shipbuilder" can already and not to be? " Without expecting a pressing question (against local journalists falsely howling by decades), the director was taken aback and answered truthfully: "And let take away team! " However after the following question - "Quite so also it is possible to write? ", dear head in the presence of the wife and an environment didn't find anything the best how to send the correspondent to three known letters. The shortest interview in my career ended with a reciprocal remark of the similar contents.

About that mysterious are the ways of the Lord, me was necessary to reflect decades later. It appeared that Makarov was the pupil of my late grandfather, one of the first masters of sports in the city of shipbuilders. Pavel Ilyich Tsybin not only was able to build remarkably yachts and швертботы, but also almost to 45 - the anniversaries remained the strong oarsman, the champion of Ukraine. Moreover, Makarov sometimes visited the grandfather on these or those questions of ship affairs. And with the grandson there was absolutely other communication …

Well the lyrics will suffice. In the spring of 1992 "Shipbuilder" silently died.The firm of the director Vladimir Zaplatinsky rattling then all over the country "Evis" received team and a place in the highest league of the first national championship of Ukraine. The name "Evis" was found also by stadium of shipbuilders (yes so strongly, as after fifteen years sometimes emerges from lips of citizens). In the fall of 1994 "Evis" was transformed to SK "Nikolaev" and acted under this name within six years. Probably, this period can be considered successful: the team won the right to play in the highest league twice, pleased fans with bright and substantial game. None of us, are sure, didn't forget the most enchanting season of 1997-98 when the trainer Anatoly Zayaev created the superteam smashing all in the first league. Our old 25 chiliarch endured an era of the second youth, collecting at least 18-20 thousand audience.

Alas, everything came to an end sadly. Alexander Berdnikov lost on elections of the mayor, the team lost the main patron. Serious changes happened and in the club. Presidents were replaced so often that my colleagues from the All-Ukrainian newspaper "Komanda" ceased to be surprised to the transferred chronicles. And the most important - the club had a new owner and the general sponsor - Sigma — Sports firm. Meanwhile, sports results were sad: the team exsanguinated by transfers of players of the main structure, with a crash and a shame took off. As it appeared - for many years.

After Oleynik's death Vladimir Chaika started directing the city. Also directs, by the way, still. The received municipal status the club didn't set any serious tasks, about an exit the speech didn't go to the highest league. The president Sergey Dergunov (come to direct club after service in militia) initially formulated tasks: to play at good level in the first league, to raise young football players, to please fans, etc. As on me - these tasks also didn't change for the whole decade. It is impossible to tell that was always bad. Once finished even the fourth, took places in first "ten". But finance always didn't suffice to club. Attempts to attract partners were made repeatedly and only plainly left nothing. Communicated and with the governor, and the mayor it seems as took part. But anybody didn't decide to cooperate with IFC "Nikolaev" as a result. Deputies of the City Council - from the same category: Seagull I tried to incline them to assignment for needs of club, but understanding I found in it extremely seldom.The Sigma — Sports firm transformed to open company, was compelled to expand the business that monthly and annually "to close" club problems.

Statements for crisis in club sounded repeatedly, practically - annually or once a half-year. I demanded funds for reconstruction and the decayed stadium, which attendance I fell to a mark of 2-3 thousand audience. Though there were cases when during "day" matches (lighting wore out long ago) came to tribunes and only about five hundred audience. In recent years the team began to please even less. Often trainers, and players - in general in tens changed. Came that is called to the handle three years ago - took off for the second league. It is good that gathered and restored in a year the pervoligovy status.

The last season of IFC "Nikolaev" left ambiguous also. The tenth final place - a quite good indicator, considering components: the club problems, limited possibilities of selection work, the serious competition among league teams. Along with colourless matches we saw and surges in beautiful game. The result on the season finish when in Nikolaev team of the trainer Vyacheslav Mazarati teams from group of leaders were prostrate one by one is indicative. And how to you cup opposition with "Miner" and the minimum defeat after a goal with a penalty which was recognized later as the wrong?

About three weeks ago in the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies the meeting devoted to the organization and carrying out 100 - to summer anniversary of the Nikolaev soccer took place. On it Oleg Nikolaevich Bogomaz, the nominal owner of club, raised before the mayor Chaika a question that is called an edge. To the successful enterprise the maintenance of team pours out approximately in one million conventional units, and it is ready to bear responsibility freight further. But only not alone! The seagull was offered to find till July 1 reliable partners for club, otherwise O. Bogomaz promised to remove team from the championship and in general to finish with soccer. Chaika able adequately tried to leave a difficult situation was to switch attention to various distracting factors. Yes only didn't leave: the rigid ultimatum was said again. As it appeared - the Owner didn't bluff. And here Chaika for rescue of team didn't use precious time.
From Nikolaev club to PFL of Ukraine the letter in which it is declared the termination of membership in this organization the other day was sent. In other words - the professional club in Nikolaev doesn't exist any more. All players are notified on it, they will receive the status "free agents".

On July 1 in Kiev at meeting of PFL this statement will be considered. It is difficult to present that the Nikolaev mayor Chaika managed to find for some days for team of the new owner. Therefore, most likely, the city of Nikolaev remains without big soccer …
On Friday I went on base of team to learn opinion on events from Sergey Dergunov. The president communicated with subordinates, suggested me to wait. In its office there was one of vice-presidents, and also the sports director somebody Valery Sandul. The last, in the best militia traditions, began to call the security guard - who supposedly passed the journalist? It was already audible from - for closed doors. Dergunov didn't call back, to come didn't invite. Probably, to misters heads now at all to the press, and not fans for whom we work. Such here style of behavior of heads of IFC "Nikolaev". Also can well that the already former. Professionals, sensible modern managers, instead of militia pensioners have to play football.
On July 1 in Kiev at meeting of PFL this statement will be considered. It is difficult to present that the Nikolaev mayor Chaika managed to find for some days for team of the new owner. Therefore, most likely, the city of Nikolaev remains without big soccer …


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