The harmony of Uraya calls on meeting in Nikolaev about an All-Ukrainian referendum

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On August 15, 2009 about 10.00 in 11 cities of Ukraine there will be at the same time Meetings of initiative groups of an All-Ukrainian referendum by training on a popular initiative to the perceptible name "Ladas of Uraya" (as organizers explain a harmony - a system, урайа - the old name of paradise): Kiev, Vinnytsia, Dnepropetrovsk, Lutsk, Nikolaev, Odessa, Poltava, Simferopol, Kherson, Khmelnytsky, Chernigov. Organizers of this action are citizens of Ukraine not privy to political parties.

Meeting will take place in Nikolaev at 10.00 on crossing of Admiralskaya St. and Moscow, near the fountain about the Regional state administration.

Business which starts on August 15, pursues a dual aim: decision-making on the questions which have ripened in the people and mechanism formation for implementation of reforms by direct national will on the future.

As the organizers report, the power operating in the state degenerated in a destruction factor, in this quality is encapsulated and has no exit to the worthy course. Therefore, it is necessary to activate a resource of the direct power for the purpose of acquisition of the favorable prospect which source I was, there will be people.

Five questions of an All-Ukrainian referendum "Ladas of Uraya" aren't individual creative destiny, these are well-known questions.


1. To deprive of People's Deputies of Ukraine of parliamentary immunity.

2. To stop practice of elections in the Verkhovna Rada according to the closed lists of candidates.

3. To deprive the Verkhovna Rada of the right to make changes to the Constitution, to change or cancel laws or the decisions made on an All-Ukrainian referendum.

4. To change a barrier to passing in candidates for president:instead of the monetary mortgage - petition of citizens of Ukraine on the terms of petition for holding an All-Ukrainian referendum.

5. To allocate the President of Ukraine with the right to initiate All-Ukrainian referenda.

Therefore, we withdraw the Constitution from the auctions in BP lobby, report "Ladas of Uraya" that in itself is a stabilizing factor for the state, and we receive three independent sources of an initiative for carrying out the constitutional reforms only through All-Ukrainian referenda. The Verkhovna Rada - it and has today the specified right of an initiative. The president, whose figure is stabilized as the national elect together with introduction of the corresponding conditions of election, in 5 years will have also the right to address to the people according to the decision on referenda.

And / the mechanism behind which we gain qualities of an independent source of an initiative in carrying out reforms through referenda is necessary to us / the people of Ukraine, having ensured freedom directed by questions, in decision-making, freedom in a way choice.

Financial independence gives such freedom. And in the field of the organization of referenda our financial independence easily accessible - is in the adequate answer to a key question: who has to finance petition that the referendum on a popular initiative took place? Answer: the people of Ukraine, by definition. Other sources aren't present and can't be. In this simple answer - our freedom. Three million Ukrainians have to develop on 5 hryvnias in addition to the signature to provide process of their collecting in the same quantity: 4 hryvnias go at once to the person who collects signatures, 1 hryvnias - to heads of initiative groups and on a covering of expenses. It is the clear answer to a question "Who the customer? " and the guarantee of purity put for all who will join it. Also it is an exit to a new orbit for Ukraine, on a position where we / the people of Ukraine / are the owner in own house, organizers consider.


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