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Some illegal getters of sand replaced a dislocation, having transferred the base to the Berezansky area, is closer to the sea: on the Black Sea alluvial sand and the price is higher, and demand. Having secured with support of local authorities, violators of the law behave more than freely, without caring at all of consequences: after the dredge on the sea coast where fully bathing, there are underwater holes up to 5-8 meters in depth. But, seemingly, anybody doesn't have before business.

Invasion of the sandy moles digging unauthorized pits, became especially notable in a recreation area of "Rybakovk": near the mooring of fishing economy of a name of the lieutenant Schmidt and near the children's recreation camp "Scarlet Sail". There two sandy ranges are dug already up.

Uncontrolled production of sand was provoked in many respects by authorities, having consciously stepped over a framework of the powers. At the end of September of last year the Berezansky regional council allowed JSC VV Engineering to be engaged proyektno - a prospecting and preparatory work on cleaning, strengthening and coastline dredging in the territory of Rybakovsky, Limanovsky, Matiyasovsky and Vasilyevsky village councils of the Berezansky area. Three months later between customers - the Berezansky district state administration and regional council on the one hand and the so-called investor - JSC Eko-Trade with another - signed the contract for carrying out a complex of works on production proyektno - budget documentation, on passing of environmental assessment of the project of works on cleaning and deepening of a bottom of the mouth of the Berezansky estuary. The investor assumed all expenses, modestly applying only for a compensation product - the extracted sand.

Hardly hit on hands as on the coast without allowing documents everyone on that, in defiance of contractual obligations I earned the dredge.

To careless "customers" remained nothing how to forbid the unfair investor further works and to transfer documents to prosecutor's office.

But the investor had them in a look. The dredge plowed, as the bee.

This question was included in the agenda of the next meeting of the constant deputy commission of regional council on environmental issues, environmental protections, environmental management and resource-saving.

In what the reason of so unbridled outlaws in production of sea sand in the Berezansky area? Whether what the wheel of executive power had a son-in-law of the governor - Andrey Shapovalov?

- The state ecological inspectorate for environmental protection of Severo - the Western region of the Black Sea at the end of January recorded the fact of illegal production of sand Eko — the Trade firm in the mouth of the Berezansky estuary, - the deputy of regional council Anatoly Nikolenko who has headed the exit commission reported. - All corresponding materials were transferred to regional prosecutor's office, to management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of area, interdistrict nature protection prosecutor's office. Dredging works were forbidden. Alas, during this time any gestures from designated above structures didn't follow. The exit working group paid attention of the district state administration to existing threat of safety of vacationers: on the coastal line there were deep underwater holes. Under the law the manager of the earth is the district state administration, and the land user - GP "Ochakov Lesookhotnichye Economy", but control over use of these lands - zero. Moreover, recommendations of the constant commission of regional council concerning recultivation aren't implemented still. At the same time rates of production of sand in this territory increased twice: forest grounds gradually turn into a dump of household waste …

As production of sand isn't legalized, to the local budget didn't get not a bit. And meanwhile, according to the estimates of the experts, unknown persons in the unknown direction took already out more than 100 thousand cubic meter of sand.

The working group suggested to submit a question of unauthorized production of sand for discussion of extraordinary session of regional council in a context of this problem to hear explanations of responsible officials.


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