The chief veteran of area declares that Yatsenyuk's propagandists in Nikolayevshchina yet didn't "beat"

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Election campaign of the Public initiative of "The front of changes" Arseniy Yatsenyuk started one of the first. Color "ú «… but-khaki" tents already managed to become boring to inhabitants of Nikolaev. The Hero of Ukraine Nikolay Romanchuk got into pre-election gear and the head of the Nikolaev regional organization "Front of changes".

We will remind that Nikolay Pavlovich - the director of the largest Nikolaev shipbuilding plant JSC Vadan Yards Okean. As the head of the regional organization "Front of changes" it was presented on July 24. Earlier it was expected that this position will be held by Sergey Isakov, but in Kiev other decision was made.

"The Nikolaev messages" wrote that with the statement in Uzhgorod gorupravleny militias the student of Uzhgorod national university addressed. She reported that in the downtown near tent "Front of changes" where it distributed leaflets, the mayor of Uzhgorod S. Ratushnyak approached to it. Then, according to the girl, it came into propaganda tent and put it injuries then turned tent and damaged its mobile phone.

Today a press - the service "Front of changes" declared that in Ukraine provocations against activists of public organization "Front of Changes" proceed. According to the message a press - services, Sunday afternoon in Kerch one more volunteer of "The front of changes" was attacked by the unknown. Doctors recorded at the right hand which has injured a double change. Besides, from August 7 to August 9 in Kiev there were six more provocations against volunteers of the Public initiative of Arseniy Yatsenyuk.

I decided to pass this opinion and chief Nikolaev "veteran".

"Due to the incident in Uzhgorod, the head of the Nikolaev regional public organization "Front of Changes" Nikolay Romanchuk is convinced that in Nikolaev similar tricks from power structures are impossible, and hoped that always there is an opportunity to resolve all arising issues in mutual understanding language", - the press - service of the Nikolaev regional organization "Front of changes" is told in the statement, extended.

Calms a press - service "Front of changes" and the propagandists - a pier, work and on anything don't pay attention. You in safety.

"As for Nikolaev, today to the propagandists who are engaged in distribution of propaganda materials in tents on city streets neither from the public, nor from the power or competing party associations of any manifestations of aggression or provocations it wasn't noticed", declares a press - service "Front of changes".

From edition:

That to A. Yatsenyuk's propagandists in Nikolaev of any manifestations of aggression it wasn't noticed is good. Well and that the head of the regional organization "Front of changes" watches a course of events. Probably we and not in the right to give advice to the Hero of Ukraine, but consider wrong not to pay attention to the following fact: from the moment of appointment to the post of the head of the Nikolaev regional public organization "Front of Changes" Nikolay Romanchuk didn't find time to communicate to representatives of mass media. And it in spite of the fact that questions which interest residents, undoubtedly, are. For example, how Nikolay Pavlovich is going to combine public work and work at a position of the director of the largest plant? After all we know that from a post of the curator of the Nikolaev front of changes Sergey Isakov explained the leaving to that won't be able to throw the enterprise which directs on an arbitrariness. Someone will tell - there was no time. And we will believe, after all all forces are thrown on ensuring stable functioning of Okean plant which builds at present vessels for "Nibulon".


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