Medvedev's statement - charge not Yushchenko, and all Ukraine

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Olga Gerasimyyuk
Olga Gerasimyyuk
Russia is eager not only changes of the President of Ukraine, but also to change a course of the Ukrainian state.

It was declared in UNIAN interview by the People's Deputy of Ukraine Olga GERASIMYYUK (WELL fraction - NANOSECOND), making comments on the today's address of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry MEDVEDEV.

According to her, it is a question of "the system technology directed on a change of course of our state". "Certainly, - the deputy, - for Russia the President of Ukraine Victor YUSHCHENKO told pain number one, and all - the Kremlin disturbs more, and against it their blow before presidential election in Ukraine - democratic character of the power in Ukraine which originates in 2004" is directed.

O. GERASIMYYUK noted that "one of candidates for president of Ukraine declared that in case of his election it all questions fast поснимает". Thus she added that the President of Russia D. Medvedev "shouldn't repeat mistakes of the predecessor and twice in advance to congratulate the one whom in Russia support because as the history testifies, sometimes there are failures in such tactics".

O. GERASIMYYUK considers that it is possible to observe "system discontent from Russia rather independent statist position of Ukraine". According to her, for Russia democratic independent Ukraine which "moves ahead to Europe", is an obstacle "at creation of the latest Russian Empire". Therefore, she added, the Russian side categorically doesn't perceive everything, as for "our history, our culture", in particular, and "condemnation of crimes of former terrible modes".

O. GERASIMYYUK noted that the day before 18-й anniversaries of independence of Ukraine "tone, form and content of the address of the President of Russia" can't but excite us. She added that "it should be noted inadequacy of the offered tone, its aggression and hysterical forcing of a situation" that will negatively affect the relations of Ukraine and Russia.

O. GERASIMYYUK considers that this address has to become a signal for "consolidation national - democratic healthy forces and formation of political force which will be supported by society and will unite it irrespective of communication language as it is a question of independence of the state".


Yury Kostenko
Yury Kostenko
The People's Deputy, the leader of the Ukrainian people's party Yury KOSTENKO called "cynical" the today's statement of the Russian President Dmitry MEDVEDEV for the anti-Russian course of the leadership of Ukraine.

About this UNIAN reported in a press - service UNP.

The leader of UNP considers that expulsion of the Russian diplomats is "only a reason for this statement". The real reasons, according to Yu.KOSTENKO, two are: "care of the Russian interest and selection of potential candidates for president: proceeding from reaction to the statement, Russia will elect the one whom will support on elections".

"The today's statement costs in the same row with the extremely politicized visit of the Patriarch Moscow KIRILL, statements for allegedly illegal trade in Ukraine in the weapon with Georgia, about the Russian interests to the Ukrainian GTS, about the vision of historical justice in questions of Famine-Genocide, Ivan Mazepa, and is one more step in the planned policy of the Russian Federation in relation to Ukraine", - considers Yu.KOSTENKO.

At the same time Yu.KOSTENKO noted that "despite unprecedented impudence of "the friendly neighbor", the Ukrainian parliamentarians won't be able to forget about tightly party interests and to unite round protection of national interest". "In the Ukrainian policy the main political barricade lies between those who wants that the Ukrainian policy was based on national interest, and those who aspires that the policy of independent Ukraine continued to serve economic and geopolitical interests of Russia", - the leader of UNP emphasized.


The People's Deputy of Ukraine Irina GERASHCHENKO regards the today's address of the President of Russia Dmitry MEDVEDEV not only as charge to the President of Ukraine Victor YUSHCHENKO, but also as charge of the independence of Ukraine, made on the eve of it 18-й anniversaries.

About this I. Gerashchenko told in the UNIAN comment.

Also the deputy declared, D. Medvedev's this address is intervention in domestic policy of Ukraine.

"This statement is direct intervention in domestic policy of Ukraine because it concerns not only bilateral Ukrainian - the Russian relations, but also those questions which are exclusively internal questions of Ukraine, in particular, questions of foreign policy", - she told.

"It would be desirable to remind dear Russian governors that Ukraine in NATO is conducted by the President YUSHCHENKO not according to own will, and according to laws of Ukraine which were adopted in 2003 with active participation of Party of Regions which is headed today by mister YANUKOVYCH, and at the time of LITVIN'S spikerstvo", - added I. Gerashchenko.

She considers the address of the Russian President unfair as V. Yushchenko from the first days of the presidency showed that the strategic relations with Russia are a priority for Ukraine, and that for it it is much more important than own ambitions and emotions.

I. Gerashchenko reminded that V. Yushchenko's first visit for the second day after inauguration carried out to Moscow. Besides, according to I. Gerashchenko, at the initiative of the Ukrainian President YUSHCHENKO'S commission - PUTIN which work "started slipping" not because of the Ukrainian party was created.

"Certainly, such short-sighted and unfriendly policy of the Russian management is an absolute repetition of errors of 2004 which will lead to the same results because the Ukrainian society proved that it doesn't suffer external intervention in presidential election, and these statements actually will do much harm to the pro-Kremlin candidates who start singing along already today with the external lawyers", - the deputy noted.

"If visit of the Patriarch KIRILL, probably, also added voices to YANUKOVYCH who pursued it on heels and accompanied more, than some ecclesiastics, of course, won't add such statements to the favourite of Moscow", - the deputy added.

Also I marked out I. Gerashchenko that the address of the President of Russia is very serious call for Ukrainian - the Russian relations which the Ukrainian people and the state need to regard as reproach. Therefore, the deputy considers, today it would be very important that the President, the prime minister - the minister and the speaker showed a common position concerning this address.

"The president, the prime minister, the speaker and all future participants of presidential campaign have to show that for them a priority number one is independence of Ukraine, and in foreign policy - a strategichnost of development Ukrainian - the Russian relations, but the partnership relations, instead of a position of the smaller brother and inferiority", - she told.

According to the deputy if some candidates for president show already today the podpevaniye and a lawyer position in relation to Russia, it actually won't add them as to applicants for a presidential chair.

With I. Gerashchenko emphasized that both at Ukrainian, and in the Russian society is surprising why in one and a half years of presidency of D. Medvedev there was no full-fledged meeting though the Ukrainian party repeatedly invited the President of Russia to visit Ukraine. "Probably, it would be more logical if those questions which disturb both Ukraine, and Russia, were discussed at bilateral meetings, in particular, in YUSHCHENKO'S commission - MEDVEDEV which works because of the Ukrainian party", - the deputy added.


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