Seven people died in plane crash in Sudan, among them four Ukrainians!

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At least, seven people were lost at crash of the cargo plane of An-12 in Sudan.

As reports RIA Novosti news agency with reference to the statement of the representative of the authorities on civil aviation Abdel Hafiz, incident I occurred on Friday one hour and ten minutes later after the plane took off from Khartoum.

Aboard, belonging to the Juba Airkargo company, there were eight crew members, five of them weren't citizens of Sudan. Seven were lost.

"One of eight (crew members) survived. Among victims - two citizens of Sudan, four citizens of Ukraine and one citizen of Armenia", - Hafiz declared. According to him, the survived crew member - the citizen of Sudan.

It is supposed that adverse weather conditions became the cause of accident.

We will remind, it - already the second plane crash in Sudan this month. At the airport of the capital of the country of Khartoum on June 10 33 persons died in plane crash. Airbus A310 "Sudanese airlines", making flight from the capital of Jordan of Amman, lit up after a landing. In total onboard there were 217 people, including 14 crew members. Ignition happened in one of plane engines then the flame promptly extended on all fuselage.

In May of this year in the south of Sudan the plane crashed, then 24 persons, including the Minister of Defence of Youzhny of Sudan Dominique Dim were lost. In the summer of 2003 during take-off in the Sudanese city Port - Sudan was wrecked the Boeing 737 plane which was also belonging "Sudanese airlines". 115 people became accident victims then.


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