Nikolaev was visited for the first time by the Minister of Health

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For the first time for all the time of independent Ukraine Nikolaev with working visit was visited by the Minister of Health of Ukraine. As reports a press - service of management of health care of the regional state administration, for one day - on August 11 - the minister Vasily Knyazevich examined activity of several medical institutions of the regional center, and also met the medical public of the city. The minister on his trip was accompanied by the vice-chairman of the regional state administration Vladimir Lusta, the head of department of health care of the regional state administration Svetlana Hotina and other heads of the medical sphere of area.

During visit of each of health care institutions Knyazevich, first of all, was interested in conditions of providing medical services, professional level of the medical personnel and the administrative board, available problems of area.

So, in the Nikolaev city hospital No. 4 Vasily Nikolaevich not only examined rooms and chambers for patients, and and came into an office of the district doctor. The district doctor Natalya Larina and the nurse Natalya Vysotskaya handed over to such himself mini - the test for professional suitability.

The minister all interested: and how many on a site lives people and as passes reception of patients and as personal cards of patients, etc. remain. And Vasily Knyazevich was convinced of infectious office, how Nikolaev doctors are ready to the world call - virus H1N1 expansion.

Warmly, a magnificent loaf and a magnificent bunch of flowers, the minister met on a threshold of the Nikolaev patrimonial house No. 1. It seems, Vasily Knyazevich left to congratulate all staff of this model medical institution headed by the chief physician Evgeny Volokhov.

There was a minister is happy also that saw in maternity hospital which not without reason has such serial number.In individual patrimonial chambers cozy family conditions for stay of mothers and their relatives are created. And it is the important prerequisite for revival of the nations.

And here in the Center of prevention and treatment for AIDS as the chief physician of this establishment Irina Kochergina complained, actual remains a problem of expansion of the Center as 60 places are a little for the Nikolaev area in which 5,5 thousand HIV - Infected are registered.

Needs the emergency decision and a problem of financing of acquisition of preparations of aretrovirusny therapy. On the other hand, there is also a positive: rates of a gain of incidence of HIV/AIDS decreased recently, and in age group of 18-25 years in general remained at the previous level.

In regional children's hospital Vasily Nikolaevich, in particular, visited an accident ward, laboratory of emergency methods of the help, immunological laboratory (cytogenetic subsection), office of reanimation of newborns, the center of the help to the newborn, анастезиологическо - resuscitation unit. Thus the minister took an interest: what medicine parents of little patients are compelled to buy for own means?

In the performance the Minister of Health Knyazevich shared with present the vision of reforming of the medical sphere of Ukraine, ways of approach of available regulatory base to the European and international standards.

- The power, the government, our ministry understand: reforms in the sphere of health care ripened and need immediate introduction. We developed the Program of changes which, in particular, provides expansion of a network of family medicine, increase of the economic status of the doctor, improvement of system of emergency medical aid.

In ministry plans as the minister reported, also - carrying out absolute medical examination of the population, reforming of system of medical schools (first of all, science and practice rapprochement), promoting in the society of a profession of the doctor, the solution of a question of medicamentous providing the population.

Vasily Nikolaevich urged all to learn comprehensively the Ethical Code of the doctor of Ukraine and to imitate all to the best that is in the advanced countries. I emphasized on that, despite crisis, the question of increase of a salary as the power, and Nikolaev including, well understands is considered that there is no more important profession, than the doctor as only to it it is allowed to prolong human life.

"We will come to that way when the state will be engaged in prevention and AIDS, and drug addiction, others harmful and hazardous to health and life of habits, and we will strengthen a nation gene pool".

- I satisfied seen, - told Knyazevich. - It is grateful to the Nikolaev physicians that they secured the region from serious sanitarno - epidemiological flashes and shocks.


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