Lutsenko will arrange march: "In the country is to a lump to protect the state"

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The Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko intends to show that in the country is to a lump to protect the state.

"As the Minister of Internal Affairs I will sign the order on solemn marches of divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Day of the Ukrainian flag to show that in our country is to a lump to protect the state and the law", - is spoken in the statement of the minister on a site of "National self-defense".

"As the politician I call both the word, and business to stop house war of politicians on self-destruction. First of all, to stop to the politician of a podtantsovka to foreign directors", - I continued Lutsenko.

According to him, "the main threat to the Ukrainian state lies not in external calls, and first of all - in political factors".

"Only consolidation of all political forces round the Ukrainian interests, specific economic and social projects can stop a desuverenization of Ukraine", - Lutsenko is convinced.

"As the history learns, the robbed and divided people easily lose the state. It is necessary to remember it all", - the minister added.


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