Medvedev wants to make of Yanukovych the herald

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Behind the open letter of the president Dmitry Medvedev to Victor Yushchenko there is a desire to split Ukraine and to change a format of presidential election of 2010.

So the director of Institute of global strategy Vadim Karasyov considers, reports "Interfax - Ukraine".

Karasyov expressed opinion that the purpose of this address - "to replace a format of presidential election in Ukraine, to replace the main agenda of presidential election".

After that, according to Karasyov, elections will turn into a referendum on the pro-Russian course of Ukraine which future Ukrainian power will have to hold.

Karasyov assumed that the Russian elite can go for split of Ukraine if the situation in the Ukrainian state develops according to the scenario, not arranging Moscow.

He also considers that "the Russian side puts a task to bring to power in Ukraine the pro-Russian political forces and to make more pro-Russian Party of Regions".

Karasyov also noted that one of the purposes of political elite of Russia, - "to replace Yanukovych's format as the candidate for president and to return it in a period format between the first and the second rounds of presidential election in 2004, to make him the herald of the pro-Russian political forces".

Besides, according to Karasyov, the Russian side wants to entangle a network of obligations of the new president, to create conditions for the left Russian political forces to have impact on future combinations of the Ukrainian power.

"To change a course of the Ukrainian state - here what task the Russian Federation" puts to itself, - he told

Karasyov also regards, Medvedev's address, as attempt to separate the "bad" Ukrainian power from the good Ukrainian people.

"It is formal is an address to the president of Ukraine, but in fact this address to the Ukrainian people... Behind it there is an intention to separate the bad power from the good fraternal friendly people", - the expert told.

According to him, "it is a call to all Ukrainian elite, all parties... It is a call not to the certain president, and a call to the Ukrainian course".

Answering the Interfax — Ukraine agency question why the answer to the president of Russia was given by the head of council of pro-presidential party "our Ukraine" Vera Ulyanchen


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