Nikolayevshchina joined the stock "Independence Day on Hortitsa"

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23 - On August 24 the Nikolaev area will join the stock "Independence Day on Hortitsa".

Young people from all regions of Ukraine will be able to develop together a common position, vision and prospects of the future of Ukraine.

As initiators of an action public organizations of Uzhgorod and Zakarpatye, in particular, Public alliance "Native Uzhgorod" and "Velobayk Zakarpatye" acted.

The group of deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (fraction of National Self-defense) supports the stock. In the Nikolaev area the stock was supported by public organization "Anti-criminal Choice".

It is planned that at first nearly 100 representatives of Nikolayevshchina will take part in cultural - mass action "Rendering honors of majority of the Ukrainian independence in places of the Cossack glory! ", which will take place in. New Kakhorovka, and further - participation in an action on Hortitsa.

- The vast majority of the Nikolaev delegation makes youth age till 28 years, all of them have the look and the position of rather further development of Ukraine, - the head of the Nikolaev delegation Sergey Burnazakin told. - We are sure that the stock "Independence Day on Hortitsa" will be able to rally people and will give a positive impetus to further fruitful development of youth. The youth is today Ukraine tomorrow. Now it is impossible to stand away from all public processes, it is necessary to make active young people, to direct their first steps, to learn already now how to conduct the ship under the name "Ukraine".

The stock "Independence Day on Hortitsa" is a meeting of young people from all regions of Ukraine for Independence Day celebration on Hortitsa - where, actually, and the history of the independent state began. The purpose of holding an action - youth consolidation, education of patriotic feelings at younger generation, involvement of people to an active way of life.

One of members of the Nikolaev delegation Roman Verby stated the position of rather planned action:

- For a long time at dashing o'clock for Ukraine our nice ancestors - the Zaporozhye Cossacks - gathered on Hortitsa and decided the whole world what to do farther. Time came and to us to think of the future.The greatest evil which always led up Ukraine to ruins is a division to the east and the West, on Russians and Banderovites, Ukraine - and Russian-speaking. Us constantly pushed together foreheads to prove that we live in the different countries. We go to Hortitsa to throw to present Kiev politicians who lead up the country to ruins, a peculiar call. The principle "Share and dominate" won't pass! All of them will descend from imperious positions and deputy chairs soon, and we will come to their places and we will construct powerful democratic Ukraine. On August 24 Independent Ukraine will celebrate the majority of-18 years. We, youth of Ukraine, want to celebrate majority of independence of the country with the friends. What to do if I live in Zakarpatye, and my friends - in Donetsk? To meet on Hortitsa as our great-grandfathers did! We though we communicate in different languages and pray in different temples, we understand each other. We are patriots, and it is the main thing! We are young citizens of the independent country - we want to live in the developed and complete state which appreciates and protects each citizen. We want to be proud not only rich history of Ukraine, and and its present. That the word "Ukrainian" sounded is proud, and pointed to the relation to the complete powerful country without mental obstacles and distribution to nationalities!


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